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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The More Emotional A Person Gets the Weaker the Foundation of Their Argument Usually Is

As I wade through the Twittersphere I am constantly assaulted by pure ignorance riding on the back of mean-spiritedness. I see it on both sides, but people on the Left seem to shoot for the personal attack first as a way to point out they think the person they are attacking is wrong.

Michelle Malkin is a conservative columnist who is generally spot-on with her analysis, yet I have never seen her resort to base personal attacks of her ideological opponents. I have seen some incredibly disgusting personal attacks of her from people who disagree with her and have no problem attacking her gender or her race. I rarely see attacks of her ideas.

Eric Boehlert, from Media Matters, a Left wing media watchdog, does not seem capable of putting his ideas forth without resorting to sniping and attacking. Yet, he gets a pass time after time for his inability to argue without vitriol.

People on the Left and Right are to blame for the current political climate in this country. Since when does calling Governor Christie a "fat bastard" have anything to do with his leadership in troubling times? Equally, since when does using subtle racial slurs, such as calling President Obama "Obammy" on social media threads have anything to with his leadership?

All stupidity does is shut down valid political discourse.

Those of us who are attempting to return America to a solid Libertarian footing need to turn away from vitriol, personal destruction and stereo-typing.

The proof that a person is insecure in their political viewpoint is the amount of emotion they use to convey their ideas. We need to lighten up and understand that fellow citizens are not the enemy, they are simply people who view things differently than we do. If we truly believe in what we stand for then we should be able to muster the patience to calmly discuss our points with logic and fact. Demagoguery and vitriol is a brick tied around the neck of the country. We'll all be to blame for the subsequent drowning if we don't stop the civil war of ideas and re-learn how to talk to each other.

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