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Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday: Cranbrook to Waterton

Notes from the ChildLine Rocks charity motorcycle ride through BC, AB, MT and ID:

The kind folks at Kamloops H-D got me a nice purple StreetGlide to ride on for the next week. I've never considered myself the type of person who could make purple work for himself, but nobody knows me up here anyway, so purple it is.

Our first stop of the trip was in Fernie, a small town nestled in a valley between some extremely impressive snow-covered peaks. It took a few miles to get used to the top-heaviness of the StreetGlide, at least as compared to the stripped down cruiser I ride at home, but once I got a feel for the momentum the extra weight caused, I was all in.

I'm staying mostly to the back of the pack just to enjoy my own pace and I'm snapping tons of pictures. Feel free to hit me up on my Facebook page to check them out. Click for FB.

Since it was only 10:00AM when we stopped for "lunch" I decided not to eat, which left me considerably hungry by the time of our next stop - for gas around 2:30PM. With no time for a proper lunch a grabbed a Mountain Dew, a bag of beef jerky and a cheese stick. Surprisingly filling and satisfying, I may consider going on a beef jerky diet.

Rolled into Waterton National Park in Alberta around 5:00PM just before a pretty nasty thunderstorm decided to visit the park as well.

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