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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned From Canine Obedience School

I learned a bunch of important stuff in kindegarten. Grammar school taught me a lot of basics, high school not so much. But canine obedience school taught me the single most important lesson I ever learned:

It's my fault.

If the dog pulls a 12 pound turkey off the counter and gnaws on it - my fault for putting the turkey there.
If the dog craps on the new rug - my fault for letting the dog on the rug without house training it.

You get the idea.

Well, this made dog training easy, and I will say that when you apply it to politics it works pretty well too.

The President is incompetent when it comes to matters of fiscal responsibility - our fault for putting him there.

The Congress is unable to agree on even the most basic tenets of fiscal responsibility - our fault for putting them there.

Your country is heading down the wrong road because it is being run by political hacks who enjoy power more than they enjoy living in a free and prosperous society - your fault for letting it happen without getting involved in correcting the course.

It is not a case of the government versus the people, or the people versus the government. The government is the people. We Libertarians believe in freedom, we also believe in taking responsibility when that freedom is abused by laziness.

Get active, get in the streets if you have to. Every citizen is reponsible for the government that serves them.

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