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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Obama Budget Plan: A Dog and Pony Show Done With Smoke and Mirrors

The GOP has now officially joined the Democratic Party in an alliance with President Obama to do absolutely nothing, all the while acting like they have a clue - which they don't.

President Obama is playing the part of master politician by hiding the fundamentals of his spending and budget plan, perfectly content to let people think he has no plan. He has a plan but he's keeping it quiet at the expense of the few politicians in this country who dare to speak up and try to change the course we are on. This is being accomplished by the foolish Left and complicit media who still think we can solve our problems by taxing millionaires. The childishness of the political class in this country is only eclipsed by the sheer madness and ignorance of those who believe the propaganda. Let's look at some of the President's plan:
  • Raise the age of Medicare eligibility to 67, in 2029
  • Add another $43 billion to unemployment benefits
  • Add another $33 billion for Pell grants
  • Add another $37 billion for "medical grants" and aid
If you do the math, the $1 trillion dollars in cuts being trumpeted by the Obama Administration and the Senate leadership is actually $113 billion in new spending. To be fair, before talks broke down, both sides had agreed to $2 billion in cuts - a whopping 0.3% cut of the total budget. Since Obama was claiming a $1 trillion cut, this means we have to have faith that future Congress' will cut the remaining $998 billion. In short, they are not even able to continue negotiations to do nothing!

The people who have the numbers and the votes are are kicking the can down the road, even though they are lying to you and saying otherwise. Remember, they are backloading the cuts again just like they did in the spring when the supposed $35 billion in cuts actually only added up to $350 million.

Obama is lying to you. The media is lying to you. GOP Senators are lying to you. There are only a handful of Representatives in the House who are towing the line and trying to get something done, but they are relying on the red herring of a balanced budget to do it. If you have a mortgage or a credit line, you will understand that locking yourself into a balanced budget is just a dumb idea. What's a smart idea is not being stupid with your money.

There is no urgency only political hype. Obama is trying to get us to be afraid of something he himself didn't believe just a few scant years ago - the need to raise the debt ceiling. The Left and the MSM are hyping the fact that the way out of this problem is to tax millionaires (when 51% of all Americans don't pay Federal taxes now - that is the height of unfairness and class warfare) and the Right is either outnumbered or too feckless to stand up for what they believe in.

Allowing the made-up deadline of raising the debt ceiling to pass without action is not going to be the end of the world as we know it. Voting for the same fools we vote for on a regular basis is.

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