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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Is No Victim, She's Running The Spin Machine

It's probably safe to say Rep. Allen West (R-FL) and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (R-FL) don't like each other. I mean, all poor Wasserman-Schultz did was point out how Representative West wanted senior citizens in South Florida to die and stuff, knowing how those rascally Republicans hate the oldsters amongst us and all. And then that mean Allen West called her "vile" and "despicable" and worst of all, he said that she was "no Lady." ("Lady" being the feminine version of "Gentleman" which is what people in Congress call each other)

America is up in arms! A Conservative attacks a poor defenseless woman once again. When will it ever stop? Poor Wasserman-Schultz was just being a girl and minding her own business trying to keep her ancient constituents alive and out of nowhere, mean Allen West attacked her.

Here's some background the MSM won't give you...

During the nasty 2010 House campaign between West and uber-Lib Ron Klein, Klein accused West of having associated with an outlaw biker gang in South Florida called "Outlaw Bikers." Mostly the "gang" is a group of veterans, and I would suppose there are some unsavory people who are members, but then again, I've been to Knights of Columbus clubs that have unsavory characters.

Well apparently West wrote some Op Ed pieces for Wheels On The Road magazine having to do with history and politics. That particular publication, as biker rags are known to do, sometimes features, horror of horrors, scantily clad women on its cover. Somewhat like Sports Illustrated does on occasion.

Well, long story short, Klein felt unable to go head-to-head with West, so he called in that Liberal Pit Bull Wasserman-Schultz to do his fighting for him (please see note at bottom). Ms. Wasserman-Schultz then staged a protest in front of West's campaign headquarters, ostensibly taking hold of the whole biker chick aspect of the publication that carried West's Op Ed's and running with it.

During this time, Wasserman-Schultz was quoted as saying that West had "jumped the shark of crazy," which is actually a pretty funny line, but taken literally probably means West is no longer crazy, but I digress.

Make no mistake, there is bad blood between these two rather capable adults that goes back at least two years. The MSM should take this into account and adjust their collective panties accordingly. The fight did not start the other day on the floor of the House.

As an interesting sidenote, during my research for this piece I came across the following tidbit... California Representative Loretta Sanchez and President Obama both received sizable donations from Hugh Hefner, but Wasserman-Schultz was not bothered by that. If she was interested in being consistent in her concerns for the degradation of women, she would have a problem with Playboy and not just a biker rag that publishes West's articles.

Wasserman-Schultz is no victim. She is playing the media perfectly and the MSM and gullible public are buying into her histrionics whole cloth. Once the facts are brought to light, Ms. Wasserman-Schultz appears less a victim and more an adult getting a deserved payback from Mr. West. I guess fairness only matters when its Libs who have gotten their tiny little feelings hurt.

Note at Bottom: I in no way mean to impugn Rep. Wasserman-Schultz by comparing her to a pit bull. My attempt was to take the very best personality features of a pit bull and compare them to the very best features of Ms. Wasserman-Schultz. Those features being enumerated as snarling, barking, biting, relentlessly being agitated, and fighting over scraps of beef. I did not intend, and will not apologize for, comparing either's smell, drool, desire to play with chew toys, or level of housebrokenness. Please do not contact me or claim I have made Ms. Wasserman-Schultz, or your pit bull, a victim. Thank you. 

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