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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Casey Anthony Verdict: Democracy Meets Mob Rule and Representative Wesselhoff Tries to Cash In

Rep. Paul Wesselhoft (R-OK) said today he will introduce Caylee's Law, which would require parents to notify authorities of a missing or dead child in a timely manner.

With all due respect to you Representative Paul Wesselhoft (R-OK), you are the worst sort of pandering headline grabbing politician this country produces and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Let's ask ourselves some questions:
  1. Is it probable Ms. Anthony has something to do with her daughter's death? Yes.
  2. At the very least, does Ms. Anthony deserve many bad things to befall her for whatever happened during the 31 day gap at the end of her daughter's life? Yes, at least as far as what I've been told.
  3. Was the jury deleterious in its verdict after having ignored six weeks of testimony? No.
  4. Did the State of Florida prove its murder and abuse case against Ms. Anthony? No.
  5. Was that fair to Caylee? No, but it doesn't matter, because the ultimate unfairness befell her before her body was placed in the swamp.
  6. Is the new law being proposed by media whore Rep. Wesselhoft going to prevent future murders of small children? No.
  7. Might it enable law enforcement to gather clues if the murdered child's body is found earlier? I'll answer that with a question: What makes you think a deranged person who would murder a child is going to worry about notifying the authorities within the time set out by a Federal guideline?
  8. Did Ms. Anthony get away with murder? Probably, but that's not the jury's fault, or the system's fault either.
Listen up kids, this is a sad, sad story that wasn't going to have a happy ending no matter what the outcome of the trial. I've seen dopey people out in front of the courthouse with signs demanding the State appeal the case. What worries me more than self-aggrandizing fools like Rep. Wesselhoft is that there are people in this country who can vote who don't have the simplest notion how the legal system works - a legal system that was masterfully set-up to protect innocent people from mob rule.

Albeit better behaved so far, just like after the Rodney King trial we now have a group of people wandering the wilderness of television and social media who have morphed into a mob that is demanding "justice" for Caylee, whatever that is.

Twelve people who are just like you and me sat for six weeks and digested hours and hours of testimony. You weren't there, and either was Nancy Grace, so to judge the rationale of the jury is a fool's game. The jury did not get it wrong, the State of Florida did.

To introduce legislation simply on the basis of emotion is a dereliction of duty by Mr. Wesselhoft and someone needs to point that out to him.

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