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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The County Fair

Spent Saturday night at the local county fair. We did the typical stuff you do at a county fair - ate bad food, watched a magician, watched a dog agility contest, listened to some live music, looked at the sheep, goats, and pigs, ate some more bad food and wandered through the tents filled with vendors of all kinds of high and low quality stuff. The sounds and smells of America - kettle corn, livestock, machinery and the Midway - are something every one of us needs to connect to at least once a summer.

We had a great time.

The particular fair we visited was the Monmouth County Fair in Freehold. We don't live in Monmouth County but the fairgrounds are only minutes from our house and our county fair is an example of why these things get bad reputations.

Back to the great time.

The place was mobbed but the people strolling the grounds were about being part of a community and having a good time. Even the two groups of annoying teenagers we encountered were more quaint than threatening.

With the foolishness of the Federal government looming in the background it was a great confidence booster to be among real people, doing real things, in a way that made us all remember why being an American is actually a good thing, and not the bad thing our media and all of those foreigners would have us believe. That's not a xenophobic statement in the least because you have to admit we catch a lot of grief.

Agriculture, craftsmanship, small business and kids learning how their world works. Those are the things that made this country great and it was a special treat to spend the night reveling in the fact that those things are alive and well thank you very much and soundly thriving outside of the Beltway.

Friday, July 29, 2011

You Heard The President!!! You Heard The President??? I'm Sick to My Libertarian Stomach.

Debt ceiling deadlines may come and they may go, but the biggest fear I have is political propaganda. Here's a quick shot of your president hard at work behind the scenes trying to get anything the Republicans in the House put forward to fail:

Tweet from Official Barack Obama account:
The time for putting party first is over. If you want to see a bipartisan #compromise, let Congress know. Call. Email. Tweet. —BO

Followed within minutes by this tweet:
You heard the President. So here's what we're doing: throughout the day we'll post the Twitter handles of GOP lawmakers in each state.
If you're not feeling something wrong in the pit of your stomach, read that again, or better yet, I'll read it for you: You heard the President.

These two tweets were then followed by twenty tweets with GOP Representatives and Senators with more coming every few minutes.

So first he plays it coy today trying to grimace his way into getting the American people to believe he is sincerely trying to fix something that it is obvious he doesn't fully understand. Then, on his official Twitter page he allows people who work for him in the White House to speak to the American people as if they are children, while he is working in a backdoor way to defeat the work of the only branch of government that has put any effort into fixing the problem.

If you're not outraged, don't bother complaining about the problems with the Federal government, we've all got much bigger problems.

America's Greatness Never Depended On Everyone Getting Along

Take a look at the history of this country and you will see that friction has always been the engine of American progress. From the very start we have depended on argument. What we are going through right now is no different, except for maybe the shrillness of the people doing the arguing. I for one have faith that the end is not near. However, let's look at the players to try to make some sense of the noise.

The markets aren't panicking, but then again who cares? Wall Street is filled with whining spoiled brats and we have given them all far too much control of our future. We'll never have a strong economy as long as we cater to the profit needs of Wall Street. That's kind of like asking bean-counters to make art.

Nancy Pelosi is working hard to save the planet "as we know it" by making sure the evil Republicans don't get what they want. We have given Nancy's words far more respect than she has ever earned by her demonstrations of her intelligence have warranted.

Has anyone seen Barack Obama after the little hissy-fit he threw on national television the other night? I like that Jay Carney is actually delirious enough to think he can get away with saying the American people know more about Obama's plan than any other. In the 60s we would blame it on the acid, in the 70s and 80s it would be the coke, not sure about the 90s, but today it must be his boss's cologne.

Harry Reid is a jackass and I can't even stomach writing mean things about him.

John Boehner seems like a nice guy but the mistake he's making is he's trying to fix everything all at once and he's far too worried about being liked than he is in kicking ass and taking names. Plus, at the end of the day, he is only in charge of 1/3 of the Federal government, so quite frankly its the Senate and Executive branches who are at the wheel.

The MSM is out of control. All you need to do is watch Ann Curry try to motherhen that citadel of political gibberish Chuck Todd because he has been working so hard, to understand that it's really time to turn away from the lunatics who deliver the news to us.

The Tea Party has it right but they are bad politicians.

Welp, there you have it. Everyone is to blame for the nonsense that is cluttering up my summer. And that's a good thing (well minus the Wall Street binky-suckers and Ann Curry). Government is ugly, policy making is not for the faint of heart and course correction is best handled by those with a solid ideological footing. This is a big strong country with a long history of solving problems, even though the problem-solving process is often tough and fraught with stress.

Real leaders step up to the plate and confirm that they are in control of themselves with a firm grasp of the issues at hand. There are a few solid leaders in the mix right now and that's all it takes for common-sense to prevail.

After the manipulation of both sides runs its course we will find that our problems are being tended to. In the meantime, the rest of us need to start stirring the dead calm winds of political deadlock we have allowed our leaders to sail us into and get back to the business of living our lives.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

1,000s of Heat Records Fall...Andrew Freedman Sort Of Explains It

While I'm busy making fun of all the Chicken Littles out there who actually think Global Warming is man-made and that they can solve it by whining and peeing their pants, let's look at an article in the Washington Post by Andrew Freedman from yesterday.

I like science and facts and I tend to shy away from bullshit-and those who spew it-as much as possible. But I just couldn't avoid this one.

Heat set thousands of records is the headline of this nice little ditty. Right, you see, if my town sets a heat record, and your town, which is right next to my town, sets a record, and then a town three miles from your town sets a record, and so on and so on, well eventually "thousands of heat records are broken." This is an utterly ridiculous claim that serves no scientific purpose other than to scare the great majority of American dolts who only get their news from headlines. There were 1,966 daytime records set and 4,376 (supposedly) nighttime records set. Yet, in spite of this, we're all still here and my 50/50 blend tee-shirt did not melt to my skin.

There are two other really wonderful, fanciful paragraphs...

In many ways, this heat wave exemplified the type of extreme heat events that climate-science studies show are becoming more common in many parts of the world, likely due at least in part to man-made emissions of greenhouse gases.
I have some questions about this:
  1. In how many ways and what exactly were those ways?
  2. Since when is it uncommon for it to be really hot in the summer? Did you, Mr. Freedman, happen to spend some time on this continent this past winter? The snow is still melting out west for crying out loud.
  3. "Likely due at least in part." What a completely moronic way to say that you actually have no idea whether man-made global warming is even real or part of the issue.
Check out this gem:
One study, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research in 2008, stated: "The risk of hot summers is currently rapidly increasing, raising the likelihood of record-breaking heat waves around the world, as seen in Europe in 2003 and 2006 and in North America in 1995 and 2006."
Okay, three of the past 16 summers have been real hotties and I'm supposed to actually think we are on the brink of disaster. Here's my statistic: Thirteen of the past 16 summers have not been record breakers, which is a clear and certain indicator that we are all going to die someday.

I take a lot of heat (incidental pun) for my stance that global warming is a political belief and not real science. I take this stance because I don't believe in junk science. I've also lived long enough to know that back in the day we were going to die from global freezing, and that basically, winters and summers in my lifetime haven't changed all that much. I have lived for one half of the fossil fuel revolution, so, merrrr, well, it's all just kind of dumb.

From Forbes Magazine: NASA Data Deflates Global Warming Alarmist Claims

An important read for people on both sides of the Global Warming debate: NASA Date Shows Atmosphere Not Retaining As Much Heat As Global Warming Alarmists Claim.

You may also be interested in reading THIS ARTICLE about scientist Charles Monnett who has recently been suspended for "integrity" issues revolving around his written claim that polar bears in the Arctic were dying from having to swim extra distances because of receding ice. The great thing about this article is it's written from a Global Warming enthusiast who basically claims the Obama Administration is harassing the poor lying scientist.

Great, great fun, this Global Warming non-sense.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Libertarian Manifesto: What Exactly Does The Left Have To Be Afraid Of Anyway?

The Left's refusal to look at even the most basic tenets of Libertarianism got me to thinking, What the hell is their problem exactly? Reading the likes of Eric Boehlert, Alan Colmes, and anyone who writes for the New York Times or Washington Post, plus reading dozens and dozens of nasty tweets everyday, and then tuning in the Lettermans, Stewarts and Mahrs of the world,  I have become concerned for the overall mental health of Democrats and labor union folks in general and Obama supporters, Statists and Leftists in particular.

It's really not that bad kids. Knowing this led me to jot down a few areas of difference between those of us who actually know what we stand for and the great unwashed Leftists and Statists that waddle amongst us, telling us how bad we suck and how weak we all are.
  • Limited government. I believe I know better how to manage my life than a civil servant or elected official does. You do realize elected officials are just people who couldn't make it in the private sector, right? Obviously people who are Statists feel they need the guidance of the aforementioned folks in their everyday lives, and therefore they figure I do too.
  • Personal responsibility. I believe that human beings are ultimately responsible for their actions, successes and failures. Obviously the folks on the other side feel they are not capable of being responsible for themselves, and therefore either are the rest of us, hence the need for centralized, powerful government.
  • Self-determination. This is where you "conservatives" lose credibility. As long as your rights do not interfere with my rights then I do not have the right to tell you how to live your life - even if what you do is incomprehensible to me. Conservative thought in this country is lost in a swamp of forced conformity, while Liberal thought is lost in a sea of condescension.
  • Tolerance. Don't attempt to convince me that Leftists and Statists are "tolerant," because the argument is laughable. Liberal thought forces minorities to be treated differently by society, therefore keeping the minority languishing on the outskirts of the mainstream. I don't mean in actuality, I mean in self-conception. As soon as you treat any individual or group differently because of the differences you yourself perceive in them, you are acting in a condescendingly racist manner. Your intentions aren't part of the equation, your results are. If you think a group needs your help, by definition you think you are superior to members of that group, and, well, you're not.
  • Class Warfare. If you complain about somebody having more than you, you are a child. If you have more than someone else but you keep what you have and don't give it to them in order to equal each other out, you are a hypocrite. If you insist that millionaires and billionaires should pay more to support you and others like you, you are a thief. If you do any of the above in support of group-think you are either a union thug or a Democrat. Regardless of where you fit in here, I feel sorry for you and your self-perceived weaknesses.
  • Freedom. You don't want me telling you what to do, because then you wouldn't be able to drive when I do, you wouldn't be able to go to the store when I go and you would only watch documentaries and listen to reggae. Likewise, don't tell me what I should do either.
  • Charity. A grown adult who is physically and mentally healthy does not need my help. I am no better than they are and they are no weaker than I am. You cannot legislate lack of motivation out of existence. Likewise, the child of irresponsible people deserves protection, but you fool yourself if you think civil servants are the best people to provide that protection.
  • Crisis. Life is a bitch, but everything that comes our way is not a crisis. The budget is not a crisis, immigration is not a crisis, terrorism is not a crisis. Those and the million other crisis' I don't have the energy to list are problems that need to be solved, but the world is not melting because of fossil fuels and we're all not going to die tomorrow. Adults don't look at every little thing they confront as a crisis. 
I really find it hard to fathom that there is a majority of people in this country who can be intellectually honest with themselves and disagree with me at the same time. That's the biggest crisis of all.

Note at the Bottom of Page: If you are offended somehow by something you read here, it's okay, really, I'm okay with that. Read it again, even out loud if you have to, and then call your significant other into the room and read it to them. Eventually, you will be able to put aside your preconceived notions of your own life and you will come to realize that what you've read here is nothing more than plain old common sense. You're welcome.

Raquel Nelson: Another Example Of Government Pressing Its Boot On The Throat Of Innocents

Thirty-year old Raquel Nelson, of Georgia, was convicted by a jury of her "peers" of homicide by vehicle in the death of her four-year old son. Nelson faced faced three years in prison and the destruction of her family but received probation.

Nelson and her three children exited a bus at an official Cobb County bus stop near her home in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta. The bus stop was located 3/10 of a mile from the nearest legal crosswalk. The sun had set and Ms. Nelson made the decision to cross the four lane highway directly in front of the official bus stop so she could get her children home before dark. It's important to note that the official Cobb County bus stop was placed directly across the highway from the large apartment complex where Nelson and her children lived.

A car driven by Jerry Guy struck Nelson's son, killing him instantly. Guy admitted to drinking and taking pain killers before the accident when he was arrested after fleeing the scene. Guy received six months in jail.

Each member of the jury answered that they did not rely on public transportation and only one answered he had ever taken a bus before. If they had, they would've realized how many obstructions are placed by government and mass transit authorities in the way of citizens who rely on mass transit.

The judge sentenced Nelson to one year probation and gave her the option of another trial so she could possibly clear her name of the conviction. In choosing to go to trial again she would also theoretically run the risk of being convicted of heavier charges, in spite of Constitutional protections against double indemnity. It's hard to imagine a prosecutor who would file the ridiculous charges against Ms. Nelson in the first place removing his boot from Ms. Nelson's throat in a second trial.

Ms. Nelson is a victim of terrible happenstance and criminal activity. She is also the victim of governmental stupidity. The government of Cobb County, Georgia, provided the bus stop but failed to provide a safe crosswalk for her and her three small children to use. If the county was serious about protecting its citizens the bus stop would have been moved 3/10 of a mile to the crosswalk, or vice-versa.

Once again, as we allow the government to intrude into all aspects of our lives, we also allow the government to make decisions that defy logic and commonsense. The government agencies involved here allowed a drunk driver who perpetrated a hit-and-run accident that resulted in the death of a child to receive only six months in jail, while the mother who was merely trying to get her children home safely was charged with homicide by vehicle because she was crossing the street at the wrong place and, thanks to Jerry Guy, at the wrong time.

Keep in mind, the government that was ultimately responsible for the idiotic placement of the bus stop and the crosswalk took zero responsibility. This my friends is just another example of why we should all fear government and question authority.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

President Obama Wants Us To Email Our Congresspersons In Support Of His Bad Idea

The markets aren't panicked. The business sector isn't panicked. The only people who are panicked are Obama and his supporters.
  • We are going to pay our bills even if we don't raise the debt ceiling
  • Remember back in April when we were facing the exact same dilemma that came and went with no disaster?
  • We've already been downgraded somewhat, and if our credit rating gets downgraded further maybe the American people will actually start caring a little bit about the people they send to represent me (and them)
Our president wants us to email our representatives to tell them we support him. This is kind of like the little kid who gets in a fight with another little kid, so he goes to all of the other little kids in his class to try to get them on his side in his fight with the other little kid. How about this? Grow up and lead instead of worrying about keeping Michelle, the mother-in-law and the kids in the White House.

But as a good American who wants to work with my president I will help you do as he asks. CLICK HERE for the Congressional email directory. Just throw in your state and your Zip +4 and contact your Representative.

Tell him or her:
  • That you're tired of being put in a panic by politicians who are floundering to figure things out
  • That you don't support revenue increases in any way, shape, matter or form because there is no revenue problem
  • That you want your government to start representing you because you pay for the government
  • That unless a particular political party supports spending reform including Medicare, entitlements and defense you will not support them
  • That a balanced approach means reforms that are fair and blind and across all sectors of the economy, not just taxing the rich and their airplanes
  • That you are becoming incredibly fatigued with demagoguery and you really just want the government to shut up and get their work done so you can get on with living your life
  • That you are expecting leadership, not politics
Here is a copy of the email I have just sent my Senators:

Dear Senator Lautenberg,
I am a constituent of yours and I want to take this opportunity to tell you how incredibly disappointed I am in the representation I am receiving in Washington.

Please tell your colleagues in the Senate to stop their political posturing and work on a bill to solve our current deficit problem much like you would work to solve problems in your own business or home. The Crisis Manufacturing being perpetrated by President Obama and your Majority Leader is only going to serve to further inflame the political divide that currently has our country in an economic purgatory.
I will support an incumbent Senate candidate in the next election who has a track record of supporting me and my family or I will support a non-incumbent candidate who most closely indentifies him or herself with my desire to get America working again.
Most Sincerely,
Jack Sharkey
Jackson, NJ

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Cloward-Piven Strategy and the Purposeful Deceit of the American People

Please read the article by Kurt Nimmo dated March 10, 2009 to get a different insight as to why our president seems so utterly incapable of acting to move our economy forward. Click to read article.

There can be only two reasons for this:
  1. He is a completely incompetent fool who has no idea how his own country succeeds or fails
  2. There actually is something to the radical Left's implementation of the Cloward-Piven Strategy
To those of you who decide not to read the article, the Cloward-Piven Strategy was first postulated in 1966 by a pair of Columbia University professors.  The strategy calls for the intense swelling of welfare rolls in order to crush the US economic system under the burden of entitlements. Once the system was collapsed, the Federal government would then privatize much of the economy and institute a system of guarenteed income for all. This would be accomplished through a series of false or manufactured crisis' that would require large government actions to solve.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy is a strategy of presenting false crisis with no solution, most famously endorsed by Rahm Emanual, Obama's first Chief of Staff, who said "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that -- it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Christian, Conservative, Likes Hunting and Zero Friends on Facebook

The attacks have begun. The tragic events in Norway were politically motivated and were carried out by an insane individual that the MSM and the Left in this country and in Europe are gleefully pointing to as indicative of all of us who support individual freedoms and smaller government.

Anders Behring Breivik killed at least 90 people, many of them teenagers, in a politically motivated attack on "indigenous Europeans who betrayed their race" in an attempt to stem Muslim immigration to his country. Once again his sick and twisted politics are being confused by the ignorants on the Left and in the MSM as representing the mainstream of Libertarian and conservative thought. The title of this column was pulled from Martin Fletcher's myopic report on the tragedy this morning on NBC.

Knock it off, open a book and stop trying to exploit this insane and senseless tragedy to bolster your political disagreements. Take the finger you wag at others for the small-minded and premature attacks on all Muslims after a Jihadist attack, and wag it in your direction. Be consistent even when it doesn't suit your political agenda.

If it needs to be spelled out, Anders Behring Breivik (and his cohorts if there are proven there are any) represents his own twisted, violent, view of the world, and his actions don't prove that your political views are more correct than those of us on the other side of the aisle.

Pray for the victims and their families, pray for Norway and pray that all of us may someday begin to understand differing viewpoints and belief systems without resorting to ignorance and cliche.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Morning Fights: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz vs. Michelle Bachmann

This week's media darling, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, is a hero to the MSM for standing up to the vicious verbal assault perpetrated upon her by Allen West in a private email. An email she decided to make public so she could become a hero to the MSM. How dare Mr. West call Ms. Wasserman-Schultz names? The outrage! Allen West's mistake here was not understanding that Wasserman-Schultz is a politician first, whereas West lives in a world where honor and integrity matter.

I have been being told for the past 48 hours how horrible West is, how wonderful, honorable and weak and in need of the defense Wasserman-Schultz is, oh, and I was also told that Michelle Bachmann suffers migraines so she can't be president.

Let's make a list. Italicized comments are the Reality-Based Libertarian view of each bullet point.

  • Violated code of honor on floor of Congress by calling out a colleague who was not present to defend himself. Brilliant political ploy but lacking in integrity
  • Further violated code of honor by making West's email public in order to get publicity. See above
  • Feels hate crimes against veterans and soldiers legislation is a "joke" and that vets and soldiers do not deserve the same protection as other groups currently protected by hate crime laws. Hate crime legislation is stupid and unnecessary and only exists to make people feel good about themselves without accomplishing anything. It does say something about D W-S's view of the people who fight for this country though, doesn't it?
  • Pro-choice. The government should not be involved in this in any way, shape, matter or form, but I will not fault her for her beliefs
  • Anti-2nd Amendment. Politicians like D W-S are the reason there even is a 2nd Amendment in the first place
  • Pro Gay rights. The government should not be involved in this in any way, shape, matter or form
  • Critical of Stupak-Pitts bill which limited tax-payer funded abortions. Her views are diametrically in opposition to personal liberty and responsibility and only foster government control over personal lives
  • Claims GOP support of Israel is only because of "Armageddon and other biblical references." What an utterly stupid, ill-informed thing to say. Shame on anyone who actually gives this a moment's thought
  • Claims Democrats "own the economy" and that Obama is solely responsible for 14 months of "job growth" even though unemployment is higher now than when Obama took office. Pure political spin and a good example of why the country is going to hell in a handbasket
  • Defended Anthony Weiner saying it was a "personal matter and should be left at that." Politics before personal integrity
  • Claims Florida is under imminent threat from Global Warming. Just more proof she is a very naive person
  • Claims we would all be "driving foreign cars" if Feds did not bailout auto industry. Ahem, Chrysler is now owned by Fiat and Ford helped itself. GM is the only union thug controlled company that came running to the Feds to correct their incompetence without finding an honorable way out of their problems  
Michelle Bachmann
  • Gets headaches. I'm glad this story died a quick death. How utterly stupid of the MSM to pursue it in the first place
  • Voted against troop surge to Iraq in 2007. If you believe we shouldn't even be there at all or that it is time to draw down, like our President promised in the '08 campaign, you have to agree with her
  • Opposed Higher Education Finance bill that effectively removed private sector lending institutions from the student loan sector while not reforming any other portion of education. Only union thugs and their minions actually believe the Feds should be involved in education at all
  • Introduced Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act so you could decide what light bulbs to use in your own home. The sin of this is that there was even a need for such a bill. You do understand you will be told what light bulbs to light your house with?
  • Favors domestic oil production. Green energy and green jobs are not the immediate answer to our current needs, and shame on you for thinking otherwise. You are obviously very simple of thought
  • Disagrees with Global Warming Orthodoxy. I will admit it's pretty hot out there today. Oh wait, it's summertime
  • Opposed TARP. Probably hard for most people to understand that government intervention in the free market ALWAYS leads to further complications
  • Introduced repeal of Dodd-Frank Act, which history will likely show as a major contributor to the continuing recession we are in despite spin to the contrary. Look it up
  • Anti-Gay Rights. She is wrong here as this is not the government's business
  • Pro-2nd Amendment. Ohhhh, Michelle Bachmann likes guns. Read the amendment.
  • Pro-Life. The government should not be involved in this in any way, shape, matter or form, but I will not fault her for her beliefs
It's easy to see why the MSM hates Bachmann and gives her the hard time they do while giving Wasserman-Schultz a pass on everything.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Is No Victim, She's Running The Spin Machine

It's probably safe to say Rep. Allen West (R-FL) and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (R-FL) don't like each other. I mean, all poor Wasserman-Schultz did was point out how Representative West wanted senior citizens in South Florida to die and stuff, knowing how those rascally Republicans hate the oldsters amongst us and all. And then that mean Allen West called her "vile" and "despicable" and worst of all, he said that she was "no Lady." ("Lady" being the feminine version of "Gentleman" which is what people in Congress call each other)

America is up in arms! A Conservative attacks a poor defenseless woman once again. When will it ever stop? Poor Wasserman-Schultz was just being a girl and minding her own business trying to keep her ancient constituents alive and out of nowhere, mean Allen West attacked her.

Here's some background the MSM won't give you...

During the nasty 2010 House campaign between West and uber-Lib Ron Klein, Klein accused West of having associated with an outlaw biker gang in South Florida called "Outlaw Bikers." Mostly the "gang" is a group of veterans, and I would suppose there are some unsavory people who are members, but then again, I've been to Knights of Columbus clubs that have unsavory characters.

Well apparently West wrote some Op Ed pieces for Wheels On The Road magazine having to do with history and politics. That particular publication, as biker rags are known to do, sometimes features, horror of horrors, scantily clad women on its cover. Somewhat like Sports Illustrated does on occasion.

Well, long story short, Klein felt unable to go head-to-head with West, so he called in that Liberal Pit Bull Wasserman-Schultz to do his fighting for him (please see note at bottom). Ms. Wasserman-Schultz then staged a protest in front of West's campaign headquarters, ostensibly taking hold of the whole biker chick aspect of the publication that carried West's Op Ed's and running with it.

During this time, Wasserman-Schultz was quoted as saying that West had "jumped the shark of crazy," which is actually a pretty funny line, but taken literally probably means West is no longer crazy, but I digress.

Make no mistake, there is bad blood between these two rather capable adults that goes back at least two years. The MSM should take this into account and adjust their collective panties accordingly. The fight did not start the other day on the floor of the House.

As an interesting sidenote, during my research for this piece I came across the following tidbit... California Representative Loretta Sanchez and President Obama both received sizable donations from Hugh Hefner, but Wasserman-Schultz was not bothered by that. If she was interested in being consistent in her concerns for the degradation of women, she would have a problem with Playboy and not just a biker rag that publishes West's articles.

Wasserman-Schultz is no victim. She is playing the media perfectly and the MSM and gullible public are buying into her histrionics whole cloth. Once the facts are brought to light, Ms. Wasserman-Schultz appears less a victim and more an adult getting a deserved payback from Mr. West. I guess fairness only matters when its Libs who have gotten their tiny little feelings hurt.

Note at Bottom: I in no way mean to impugn Rep. Wasserman-Schultz by comparing her to a pit bull. My attempt was to take the very best personality features of a pit bull and compare them to the very best features of Ms. Wasserman-Schultz. Those features being enumerated as snarling, barking, biting, relentlessly being agitated, and fighting over scraps of beef. I did not intend, and will not apologize for, comparing either's smell, drool, desire to play with chew toys, or level of housebrokenness. Please do not contact me or claim I have made Ms. Wasserman-Schultz, or your pit bull, a victim. Thank you. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Obama Budget Plan: A Dog and Pony Show Done With Smoke and Mirrors

The GOP has now officially joined the Democratic Party in an alliance with President Obama to do absolutely nothing, all the while acting like they have a clue - which they don't.

President Obama is playing the part of master politician by hiding the fundamentals of his spending and budget plan, perfectly content to let people think he has no plan. He has a plan but he's keeping it quiet at the expense of the few politicians in this country who dare to speak up and try to change the course we are on. This is being accomplished by the foolish Left and complicit media who still think we can solve our problems by taxing millionaires. The childishness of the political class in this country is only eclipsed by the sheer madness and ignorance of those who believe the propaganda. Let's look at some of the President's plan:
  • Raise the age of Medicare eligibility to 67, in 2029
  • Add another $43 billion to unemployment benefits
  • Add another $33 billion for Pell grants
  • Add another $37 billion for "medical grants" and aid
If you do the math, the $1 trillion dollars in cuts being trumpeted by the Obama Administration and the Senate leadership is actually $113 billion in new spending. To be fair, before talks broke down, both sides had agreed to $2 billion in cuts - a whopping 0.3% cut of the total budget. Since Obama was claiming a $1 trillion cut, this means we have to have faith that future Congress' will cut the remaining $998 billion. In short, they are not even able to continue negotiations to do nothing!

The people who have the numbers and the votes are are kicking the can down the road, even though they are lying to you and saying otherwise. Remember, they are backloading the cuts again just like they did in the spring when the supposed $35 billion in cuts actually only added up to $350 million.

Obama is lying to you. The media is lying to you. GOP Senators are lying to you. There are only a handful of Representatives in the House who are towing the line and trying to get something done, but they are relying on the red herring of a balanced budget to do it. If you have a mortgage or a credit line, you will understand that locking yourself into a balanced budget is just a dumb idea. What's a smart idea is not being stupid with your money.

There is no urgency only political hype. Obama is trying to get us to be afraid of something he himself didn't believe just a few scant years ago - the need to raise the debt ceiling. The Left and the MSM are hyping the fact that the way out of this problem is to tax millionaires (when 51% of all Americans don't pay Federal taxes now - that is the height of unfairness and class warfare) and the Right is either outnumbered or too feckless to stand up for what they believe in.

Allowing the made-up deadline of raising the debt ceiling to pass without action is not going to be the end of the world as we know it. Voting for the same fools we vote for on a regular basis is.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday: Seriously? The Plane Is Too Heavy To Take Off?

I am writing this from my cramped seat on a Delta Airlines flight somewhere between Salt Lake City and Detroit. The guy in front of me has his seat all the way back and he keeps looking back at me and giving me the stinkeye every time one of us in my row moves and touches his seat. The guy next to me has obviously taken a tab of methamphetamine because he is constantly fidgeting and twitching and leaning over to talk to his fiance who is seated behind him, and his step-father who is seated ahead of him. I've never see one person make it so complicated to order on bottle of vodka and a cup of ice cream. Seriously.

Many, many hours ago, the gate keeper at the airport cheerily announced that we would be delayed two hours for a mechanical issue and then, once we got airborne, we would have to divert to Detroit to refuel before carrying on to Newark. Salt Lake City is at a pretty high altitude, and that combined with the unusually high temperatures (Global Warming again), would make take-off turn into more of, well, I'd rather not...

So, the plane could only carry enough fuel to get us to Detroit. Detroit! Detroit? Detroit, where we would land, fuel up and carry on to Newark.

To any of you out there who were jealous of my week-long motorcycle jaunt through some of the most spectacular terrain on the planet, well, I did have to divert to Detroit, and I didn't get to use the desk all week, and quite frankly my roomie was a bit edgy (alot edgy), and I did get a badly sunburned lower lip.

Nah, I didn't think so.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday: Sun Valley

Notes from the ChildLine Rocks charity motorcycle ride through BC, AB, MT and ID:

Still no access to the desk, but I did all my pre-show writing on a table next to a duck pond with a mountain in the background, under an intense sun floating in a blue sky. Screw manners, I'll take it outside.

Having spent a week on the road with members of The Union and Thunder, I was looking forward to watching them in their element – the stage. I’d gotten to know them as guys who rode motorcycles and played an instrument or sang, now I’d be able to see them do what they do. The most pleasant hours of the entire trip were spent in their company, so it was fun to watch them go into Tour Mode when we hit the hotel last night. They went from guys on motorcycles making jokes and enjoying life, to professional musicians who know exactly how to arrive at a hotel as a working musician - all the while not losing the ability to be friendly with the people they've spent time with. Impressive.

Because of local scheduling and an ice skating show at the adjacent outdoor ice arena, the show kicked off at 5:00 PM with a rousing set by Marina V on piano accompanied by acoustic guitar. The highlight of her set was a Russian folk song about a tree that falls in love with another tree on the opposite riverbank who realizes she is a tree and she’ll never be with the one she loves. Marina sang it in Russian but nothing was lost in spite of the lack of translation. When it comes to making you want to kill yourself, nothing comes close to a Russian folk song.

The Union took the stage next and ripped through tunes from their debut album and the forthcoming set they are currently preparing to record. Good, loud rock and roll filled up the arena. Pete Shoulder, the lead singer, has the rockstar swagger only a few people are born with. That swagger, mixes in with a bluesy, time-worn voice that transcends everyday arena rock and takes the listener to that elusive plane of story-telling by way of music.

Thunder hit the stage a little before 7PM, and even though it was a bit early for a rock show, the light of the sun playing off the brown and gold hills surrounding the arena more than made up for the lack of a light show. I had only been marginally aware of Thunder during their 1990s heyday, as I was traveling a divergent musical road at the time, a point I came to regret as I listened to them blister through a set of their greatest hits. Watching their core fans fill the arena with energy also added to the power of the show. One fan even drove 1700 miles from Hackensack, NJ, to catch this one-off show. It was fun to meet a fellow Garden Stater after a week away from the land of diners and toll booths. Even though they haven’t played a gig in three or more years, the band was tight and powerful, and honestly one of the best live acts I have seen in quite some time.

All in all it was a great show, and the early hour at the end of the last encore made my tired motorcycling muscles happy indeed.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday: McCall to Sun Valley

Notes from the ChildLine Rocks charity motorcycle ride through BC, AB, MT and ID:

I've given up any hope that I might be able to use the desk in my room until I get home, so I am journaling this from the lobby again. Although to be honest, having only the bed as my workspace kind of makes up for the dormitory experience I was not able to have as a kid.

Sun Valley is awesome and I am exhausted. We're down from the higher mountains and most of the ride was valley riding. On the way in, last Sunday, one of the riders was looking at the road from the windows of the bus and excitedly telling me how he would do "100 or 120 on this road." I've been riding for a long time, but I have to admit this intimidated me a bit. Sure I like to go fast, and I've been known to do 100 mph on occasion, but up in the mountains? On an unfamiliar bike? On unfamiliar roads? Not me.

Well, it turns out, he was talking kilometers per hour, not miles per hour, so 100 kmh is actually, in real, American numbers, 60 mph. Hell, I do that on my way to Wawa to get a buttered roll and a chocolate milk in the morning. So all of this speed I was hearing about was really just mildly reaching most of the speed limits we encountered.

Spent the day learning how to say "hello" with a proper British accent from one of the funniest people I have encountered in a long time. It's simple, just say "hair" followed by "lair." Keep the 'h' short, flatten the r's and raise the second syllable as if asking a question. As I rode, I switched between singing the Rawhide song and saying hairlair.

As water finds its own level, so do motorcycle riders. The back end of the trip I spent with the two or three other riders who understood all about the journey and not about attempting to be in one long, boring episode of Top Gear, or fearing for my life.

My lip is sunburned, which is something new, and it really hurts.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday: Missoula to McCall, ID

Notes from the ChildLine Rocks charity motorcycle ride through BC, AB, MT and ID:

I am actually a little frightened for my safety. No, it's not what you think, it's the pack riding. A few of our riders have no problem passing others of us - at speed - on the right.

In the same lane.

With no warning.

Passing in the same lane, either left or right, and weaving in and out of traffic on 900 pound bikes at 70 MPH is not a good idea, at least in this country anyway. I did point this out to several riders, but I was summarily told American road rules were "stupid." Right, I'll hang out in the back of the pack then.

Idaho is spectacular. The scenery goes from Alpine to desolate sand hills in a matter of a few miles. The air goes from blistering hot to blistering cold sometimes in a matter of a few yards. The altitude is getting to this Jersey Shore boy, (no not the moronic Jersey Shore, the Jersey Shore where the real people live).

A lot of hard riding today, so most of it was a bit of a blur. I did realize halfway through the day that my inner monologue had taken on a British accent, with cool British slang thrown in for good measure. I found this a bit odd, as my actual, verbal British accent is often met with ridicule.

After getting tired of hearing how stupid and oafish Americans are, I dared to tell one of the worst offenders that it's obvious Brits look down their noses at the rest of the world. Man oh man, did this piss the guy off in a major way. Right, just taking the piss mate.

Ummm, no, I did not get to use the desk in the room.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday: Whitefish to Missoula

Notes from the ChildLine Rocks charity motorcycle ride through BC, AB, MT and ID:

I guess because of Global Warming, The Road To The Sun had its latest opening ever, caused by run-off from the immense winter snows. Now that I know Global Warming causes the Earth to get colder and with lots more precipitation, I understand things so much better.


Remember what I said about the scenery yesterday? Well, today, on the other side of the Road, the scenery is really something to behold.

The ride up was about two and a half hours with a lot of stopping and waiting at the parts of the road that were down to one lane because of rockslides and snow melt. The highlight of the day was digging my hand into a pile of snow during one of the roadside waits and eating a few mouthfuls of glacial ice. It was nice to taste water the way it was intended - no plastic, no chemicals, nothing but cold water. The energy it gave my body was amazing and whether it was from exhilaration or actual nutrition didn't much matter.

The top of the pass was a madhouse with cars, bikers, motorhomes and whatever else all vying for a very few parking spots. Walking the ice field of the glacier in a tee-shirt with the warm July sun beating on my soon-to-be-overly-sunburned face was amazing. The cigarette butt one of the members of our group tossed onto the ice field wasn't. Really? You're gonna flick your cigarette butt here? In this place? Right, and I'm an ugly American. Like I said, I keep to myself a lot.

The joy of the mountain climb was tempered a bit by the three hours of rain we drove through on the way down to Missoula.

I got to our room first and broke out my laptop to get some work done. My roomie came in a few minutes later and, without saying a word, threw his laptop and camera on the same desk I was working on, leaving me about a quarter of the surface area. Lest you think I didn't say anything, I did, but he said he had to upload his pictures. Right, sit on the frickin' bed and have some manners. Or at least ask or something. Like I said, I keep to myself, so I moved and graciously let him have the whole table.  

Missoula just off the Interstate - don't order the Irish food. In fact, go next door to the Wendy's.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday: Waterton to Whitefish

Notes from the ChildLine Rocks charity motorcycle ride through BC, AB, MT and ID:

The morning broke cold and misty, making the lake and mountains around the village look more like winter in a Scottish moor than high summer in the Canadian Rockies. As I'm the only American in the group, I tend to ride differently than the rest. I've been told I am "slow" which confuses me because I wasn't aware we were in a race.

American motorcycling is about the journey, not the destination, whereas quite a few of my British mates on the ride seem to be overly anxious to drive real fast to get to where they are going. Sometimes this strikes me as a bit too much like trying to prove their worth as riders or even in some cases an adolescent attempt to prove, their, umm, manliness. It's sort of, okay, you can drive real fast on a straight road, you're on a motorcycle, what else you got? But I keep quiet and avoid the weaving and hard braking into curves. I take it as a personal failure to brake going into a curve but at least half the group all ride at breakneck speed until they realize they have to brake or die.

I broke from the pack shortly after leaving Waterton, pulling over and shutting off the bike to enjoy the silence of a cold and cloudy morning. I love silence. There are very few places you can go anymore to experience true and utter silence and I was happy this morning to have found one.

Crossing the border into Montana took a lot longer than it should have, but we eventually made it across. For lunch I had elk and buffalo chili on Navajo frybread - one of my favorites. The group took a 30 mile ride up The Road To The Sun in Glacier National Park and the scenery was hands down the best I have seen in 25 years of travel. Forget Switzerland, Norway, California or anywhere else, Glacier National Park is proof things don't happen by accident.

Cruised into the Kandahar Lodge in Whitefish, Montana, around 6:00PM. Beautiful hotel - no elevators, so the schlepping of all the gear and luggage up four flights of stairs was only made worse by finding out I had to schlep up another flight of stairs once I got to my room. The room was a nice little duplex loft kind of thing, with a bed, TV, bathroom and desk below and a bed up in the attic. My roommate decided he had to be downstairs so he "could blog" and that I could have the upstairs. The desk went unused as my roomie stayed out until 2:00AM or so which gave me my little attic space to myself. Remember when you were a kid and you visited relatives in the summer, and you got to sleep up in the dormer? Right. Only then it was fun.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday: Cranbrook to Waterton

Notes from the ChildLine Rocks charity motorcycle ride through BC, AB, MT and ID:

The kind folks at Kamloops H-D got me a nice purple StreetGlide to ride on for the next week. I've never considered myself the type of person who could make purple work for himself, but nobody knows me up here anyway, so purple it is.

Our first stop of the trip was in Fernie, a small town nestled in a valley between some extremely impressive snow-covered peaks. It took a few miles to get used to the top-heaviness of the StreetGlide, at least as compared to the stripped down cruiser I ride at home, but once I got a feel for the momentum the extra weight caused, I was all in.

I'm staying mostly to the back of the pack just to enjoy my own pace and I'm snapping tons of pictures. Feel free to hit me up on my Facebook page to check them out. Click for FB.

Since it was only 10:00AM when we stopped for "lunch" I decided not to eat, which left me considerably hungry by the time of our next stop - for gas around 2:30PM. With no time for a proper lunch a grabbed a Mountain Dew, a bag of beef jerky and a cheese stick. Surprisingly filling and satisfying, I may consider going on a beef jerky diet.

Rolled into Waterton National Park in Alberta around 5:00PM just before a pretty nasty thunderstorm decided to visit the park as well.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Notes From Salt Lake City: I'm Glad I Learned to Look Out the Window.

The car that took me to Newark airport this morning picked me up a 4AM. There's not a lot to do at 4AM except sit there and hope the driver stays awake.

By the time we got on the NJ Turnpike the sun was starting to rise and I was treated to the most spectacular sunrise I may have ever seen. Not that I've seen a lot of sunrises, but you get the idea. The sky was blood red over Manhattan and everywhere else it was the typical pale blue of a summer twilight. Amazing.

Looking out the window it occurred to me that I learned to travel from the wayback of a Ford Country Squire station wagon, so entertainment was a completely private event. The music coming from the 6x9 speaker was like 8 feet away, and well, it was AM so it was probably a good thing I couldn't hear it. Basically I was left to be entertained by whatever was out the window of my spacious Ford wagon. A place that soon became a mini Amtrak Vista Dome Car perfect for sightseeing. No DVDs, reading was an invitation to the upchuck zone, as my older brother would attest after eating all those apples in Vermont, and frankly there are only so many license plates you can look at.

It was me and the factories of Union County New Jersey, the pines of my own home county, or the Spanish Moss of South Carolina. The birthplace of a fertile imagination and a contented, eager traveler.

Thank God I grew up in a time where every little bit of my impatience wasn't catered to by over-indulgent parents. My father would pull the car over and my mother would not tolerate acting up. It was games and impressions (my Frank Sinatra was born in that same station wagon was I was like 11 - must've been traveling at night).

Traveling is a gift that no SpongeBob cartoon can replace. Hit the road families of America, turn the DVD players off and tell the little brats to look out the window - they'll thank you for it thirty years from now.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Learning How To Not Be A Young Person Anymore

So you all know I am on a break from politics this week, I'm not worried though because when I get back to the daily grind on July 20 we can all assume nothing will have changed. So why not pretend its not the Obama-Limbaugh Era of Politics for a while and enjoy life without non-stop political debate?

I'm leaving at 4:30 tomorrow morning to catch a flight to Calgary to join up with a bunch of other bikers from the UK to do a 1,000 mile ride for charity next week. I'm going to be riding through Glacier National Park and the Rocky Mountains with some very cool British musicians and other folks on a rented 2011 Harley-Davidson StreetGlide on the corporate dime (special shout-out to KEF America for supporting the charity and fully sponsoring my involvement in the ride). A pretty good deal and certainly something to be extremely excited about. Except I'm not over the moon with excitement.

Don't get me wrong, I'm completely grateful to have the opportunity and I full well know this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal, but what I'm finding out is that at the ripe old age of 51, I take things a little more evenly than I did 10 or 20 years ago.

I've traveled a lot, I have an ex-wife that makes Attila the Hun look like Mary Poppins, I've run a business and closed it, lost jobs, found new ones, raised a family with my incredible wife, and in the last year I've lost more people that I was close to than I did in the first 50 years of my life combined. And the result of all of this living is that I'm now a sort of level, contented person who takes the good and bad in stride. Which also apparently means I don't get giddy with excitement anymore.

In a way that sort of sucks, but I'm guessing its just a natural by-product of living life. I enjoy the moment now and I am in every moment I experience. The trade-off being I don't become filled with anticipation like I used to do, say, at Christmas. It's just a matter now of learning how to be an older person who looks at life as the sum of experience rather than the anticipation of gaining it.

So I'll be posting from the road this week, and I pretty much hope that by the time I land in Calgary tomorrow afternoon I'll be in full little-kid-at-Christmas mode.

Friday, July 8, 2011

TWIR: Going Rogue Edition

I will be taking a break from politics next week, because quite frankly, I am beginning to bore myself. Plus, I will be taking part in a motorcycle charity ride across British Columbia, Montana and Idaho. I am riding for a charity that will be raising money for the families of US servicemen (please click here if you want to learn more or you want to donate to this very worthy cause). Since I will likely break the speed limit once or twice I feel comfortable with the whole Going Rogue moniker for this week's The Week In Review.

  1. The country added 18,000 jobs last month. Unemployment is at 9.2%. Here is who is to blame:
    1. President Obama, because he thinks in vague, esoteric theories shrouded in political cronyism and not in terms of how the world actually works.
    2. The United States Senate. Seriously, they should change their name to One-Hundred Inept Pompous Asses in Public Service. We will not be great again until the entire chamber is emptied of the current inhabitants and replaced with new blood.
    3. The House of Representatives. Apparently we were sold a bucket of bullshit last November, because the Republicans and the Democrats are too interested in winning arguments than they are in correcting the economic course of the country. Obviously even new blood didn't help here so we have no other choice but to empty the chamber once again.
    4. The US mass media. Left or Right, Limbaugh or Matthews, it doesn't matter. The agenda driven news business in this country only serves to deepen the wedge between us, which only results in our current inability to come together as a nation to fix our problems.
  2. You cannot be Pro-Life at the beginning and for the death penalty at the end without a lot of rationalization in between. Once you start rationalizing your belief systems your credibility floats away. It was the bloodlust for revenge that set Casey Anthony free.
  3. The Left, particularly Eric Boehlert, are having a field day with the fact that a Rupert Murdoch owned paper got involved in some illegal activities in the UK. Glee at the bad fortune (whether self-imposed or not) of others almost invariably comes back to bite you in the ass by forcing you to defend someone on your side who doesn't deserve it.
  4. At this point I am officially in motorcycle charity ride mode and my brain is free from politics. The depth of the blessing of being able to do the ride I am doing for the charity I am doing it for hasn't quite set in yet, but it's starting to...
  5. I'll be posting pictures here and on my Facebook page and blogging here and here, so please join me for a week of no politics and just some pure enjoyment and travel.
Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Casey Anthony Verdict: Democracy Meets Mob Rule and Representative Wesselhoff Tries to Cash In

Rep. Paul Wesselhoft (R-OK) said today he will introduce Caylee's Law, which would require parents to notify authorities of a missing or dead child in a timely manner.

With all due respect to you Representative Paul Wesselhoft (R-OK), you are the worst sort of pandering headline grabbing politician this country produces and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Let's ask ourselves some questions:
  1. Is it probable Ms. Anthony has something to do with her daughter's death? Yes.
  2. At the very least, does Ms. Anthony deserve many bad things to befall her for whatever happened during the 31 day gap at the end of her daughter's life? Yes, at least as far as what I've been told.
  3. Was the jury deleterious in its verdict after having ignored six weeks of testimony? No.
  4. Did the State of Florida prove its murder and abuse case against Ms. Anthony? No.
  5. Was that fair to Caylee? No, but it doesn't matter, because the ultimate unfairness befell her before her body was placed in the swamp.
  6. Is the new law being proposed by media whore Rep. Wesselhoft going to prevent future murders of small children? No.
  7. Might it enable law enforcement to gather clues if the murdered child's body is found earlier? I'll answer that with a question: What makes you think a deranged person who would murder a child is going to worry about notifying the authorities within the time set out by a Federal guideline?
  8. Did Ms. Anthony get away with murder? Probably, but that's not the jury's fault, or the system's fault either.
Listen up kids, this is a sad, sad story that wasn't going to have a happy ending no matter what the outcome of the trial. I've seen dopey people out in front of the courthouse with signs demanding the State appeal the case. What worries me more than self-aggrandizing fools like Rep. Wesselhoft is that there are people in this country who can vote who don't have the simplest notion how the legal system works - a legal system that was masterfully set-up to protect innocent people from mob rule.

Albeit better behaved so far, just like after the Rodney King trial we now have a group of people wandering the wilderness of television and social media who have morphed into a mob that is demanding "justice" for Caylee, whatever that is.

Twelve people who are just like you and me sat for six weeks and digested hours and hours of testimony. You weren't there, and either was Nancy Grace, so to judge the rationale of the jury is a fool's game. The jury did not get it wrong, the State of Florida did.

To introduce legislation simply on the basis of emotion is a dereliction of duty by Mr. Wesselhoft and someone needs to point that out to him.

America's Previous Debt Defaults, Or, The World Has Ended Several Times Before

The United States Treasury defaulted on certain T-Bills held by individual investors in April of 1979. Subsequent to this default, T-Bill interest rates rose 60% over the next few months. At the time, the Treasury blamed data processing errors and Congress' failure to raise the debt ceiling a few weeks prior to the default.

In 1933, during the height of the Worst Great Depression Prior to Barack Obama Taking Office, the Treasury repaid gold-based obligations with dollars, which is considered a default as the repayment terms differed from the actual vehicle of repayment.

In 1790, the US defaulted on external and internal debt obligations.

During the Depression of 1841-42, nine states defaulted on their debt obligations, and during the recessionary years after the Civil War (1873-84) ten states defaulted. These defaults are the reason so many states have constitutionally required balanced budgets.

So the next time some Congressional or Executive Branch Chicken Little tells you a default is unprecedented and they don't know what the results of a default will be, they are either lying to you or ignorant of history.

Some data compiled from NY Times July 7, 2011.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned From Canine Obedience School

I learned a bunch of important stuff in kindegarten. Grammar school taught me a lot of basics, high school not so much. But canine obedience school taught me the single most important lesson I ever learned:

It's my fault.

If the dog pulls a 12 pound turkey off the counter and gnaws on it - my fault for putting the turkey there.
If the dog craps on the new rug - my fault for letting the dog on the rug without house training it.

You get the idea.

Well, this made dog training easy, and I will say that when you apply it to politics it works pretty well too.

The President is incompetent when it comes to matters of fiscal responsibility - our fault for putting him there.

The Congress is unable to agree on even the most basic tenets of fiscal responsibility - our fault for putting them there.

Your country is heading down the wrong road because it is being run by political hacks who enjoy power more than they enjoy living in a free and prosperous society - your fault for letting it happen without getting involved in correcting the course.

It is not a case of the government versus the people, or the people versus the government. The government is the people. We Libertarians believe in freedom, we also believe in taking responsibility when that freedom is abused by laziness.

Get active, get in the streets if you have to. Every citizen is reponsible for the government that serves them.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The More Emotional A Person Gets the Weaker the Foundation of Their Argument Usually Is

As I wade through the Twittersphere I am constantly assaulted by pure ignorance riding on the back of mean-spiritedness. I see it on both sides, but people on the Left seem to shoot for the personal attack first as a way to point out they think the person they are attacking is wrong.

Michelle Malkin is a conservative columnist who is generally spot-on with her analysis, yet I have never seen her resort to base personal attacks of her ideological opponents. I have seen some incredibly disgusting personal attacks of her from people who disagree with her and have no problem attacking her gender or her race. I rarely see attacks of her ideas.

Eric Boehlert, from Media Matters, a Left wing media watchdog, does not seem capable of putting his ideas forth without resorting to sniping and attacking. Yet, he gets a pass time after time for his inability to argue without vitriol.

People on the Left and Right are to blame for the current political climate in this country. Since when does calling Governor Christie a "fat bastard" have anything to do with his leadership in troubling times? Equally, since when does using subtle racial slurs, such as calling President Obama "Obammy" on social media threads have anything to with his leadership?

All stupidity does is shut down valid political discourse.

Those of us who are attempting to return America to a solid Libertarian footing need to turn away from vitriol, personal destruction and stereo-typing.

The proof that a person is insecure in their political viewpoint is the amount of emotion they use to convey their ideas. We need to lighten up and understand that fellow citizens are not the enemy, they are simply people who view things differently than we do. If we truly believe in what we stand for then we should be able to muster the patience to calmly discuss our points with logic and fact. Demagoguery and vitriol is a brick tied around the neck of the country. We'll all be to blame for the subsequent drowning if we don't stop the civil war of ideas and re-learn how to talk to each other.

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Bit Of A History Lesson, Or The Founding Fathers Weren't As Evil As Some Would Have You Believe

To a child, the Founding Fathers were heroes through and through who didn't tell lies and flew kites during thunderstorms.

To a petulant child, the Founding Fathers were corrupted white men who owned slaves, had wealth, and wrote documents that favored their cause. Except for John Adams who was a "community organizer" just like Barack Obama (that bit of wisdom was uttered by the brilliant actress Laura Linney who played Abigail Adams in the TV miniseries, therefore qualifying her to speak in an inane manner and be taken seriously).

To an adult, the Founding Fathers were men, neither perfect nor heroic, who in the face of unprecedented events carved out a society that was, and is, unique in the annals of world history.

History will always be looked at through the filter of current events. That filter may help the observer understand facts, but it does not change facts. To many on the Left, the Founding Fathers were evil men who owned slaves and who were so callous as to count slaves "and other persons" (generally Native Americans) as only 3/5 of a person.

This is a simple way to make the case that the Founding Fathers were evil, just like the snotty teenager  who makes the case that Dad is evil because he makes you bring the minivan home by ten. But if you take the time to understand the Federal Compromise, as the 3/5 compromise is actually known, you will see that it shortened the route to abolishing slavery for the entire country.

If counted completely, free citizens, slaves and Native Americans in the South would have far outnumbered the population of the North, thereby giving the South nearly complete control over the Presidency and Congress. As abhorrent as it sounds, by counting the non-free population in the manner they did, the power of the South was limited, the Union was strengthened and ultimately, seventy years later the horrendous practice of slavery was abolished. It should be noted that slavery was relied upon by European (and hence New World) powers for 300+ years. To take that institution down in 70 years is pretty good.

So the next time you're in an argument with a petulant Leftist who hates the rich white men who founded this country, hit them back (nicely) with some facts.

Happy Independence Day.

Friday, July 1, 2011

America's Current Civil War: Some Thoughts on Independence

I cannot get past President Obama's comment during his presser on Wednesday about the owners of corporate jets. "They'll still be able to ride 'em, they'll just have to pay more to do it." A man could only utter these words if he truly felt he had the right to determine how people use their private property and you cannot argue with me otherwise (although feel free to give it a go as long as you're intellectually honest about it).

We are in the midst of a civil war between people of wealth and everyone else. This civil war is being perpetrated by people who are scared to death the war will shift to being between people who have power and those who don't.

God grants us equality when we are born. Once we escape the sometimes bad decisions of those who are put in charge of us until we reach our majority, we are equal once again. Sure some of us may have to work a little harder to shake off a bad start, but that's life. Sure some of us resent the good fortune of others. That's not life, that's laziness.

What limits us is our decisions. I had the opportunity to try to make a go of it in the music business, but I chose not to. I chose to go get a job and settle down and be a contributing member of society rather than struggling to chase a dream that was likely to end with a sputter instead of an explosion, but was still worth chasing. With eyes wide shut I got married early, had kids, bought a house. I became a slave to another person's perception of living. Mercifully that marriage ended by the time I was in my mid-twenties. It took a few years, but I learned the only person I have to blame is myself. The only person I can credit my successes and failures on is me.

Once I learned that, life became easy. I began to think about things in terms of my navigation through life without resenting the perceived power of others. The liberation was magnificent. There is no person who exerts control over the decisions I make except for me, good, bad or indifferent.

This is why I believe in Libertarianism and why I understand Anarchy. I am not afraid of myself and I am not afraid of you. I am afraid of people with power, because power is a corrupting force. Did you ever watch a cop turn on his lights and sirens to squeeze through a traffic jam so he could get home on time? Think about that power at the Federal level.

I am an activist for Libertarian causes because I think America is now, and always has been, the only place on the planet where a person can truly seek their own level of achievement. This is why idiotic statements from a President who will never know the trials and tribulations that come with freedom bother me to my core.

We are now a country populated by people who would steal my ability to succeed or fail on my own by enslaving me to mediocrity so people who choose not to succeed can feel good about themselves. The road to hell is paved with the good intentions of people who think they are helping the downtrodden. If you are healthy in mind and body and you live in America, you cannot be forced to be downtrodden, you choose to be downtrodden by the decisions you make.

If you choose to allow the government to pave your way, you choose to limit yourself. Life is short, and it's not easy. Don't make it worse by letting faceless uncaring bureaucrats decide how you live it.

Happy Independence Day.