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Friday, June 17, 2011

TWIR: Current Events Edition

Another busy week. Before we get started on The Week In Review, I would first like to thank all of the new readers I've picked up over the past two weeks. I've had 1,000 hits in 6 days, and for a little unknown blog that is just amazing.

I would also like to send a message to the graduating class of 2011: Don't ever fall into the trap of thinking you have learned enough - about anything. You haven't, so enjoy the experience of becoming an expert at whatever it is you want to be an expert at.

This week's TWIR is brought to you by Eric Boehlert from Media Matters, one of the biggest Leftist hate mongers in the country.
  1. Lots of news about gay marriage this week. As a Libertarian, I am opposed to any law that restricts the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of any person who is not intent on restricting my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness with their actions, so I am opposed to any law restricting the co-habitation of adults in any way. However, I am also opposed to any group forcing a redefinition of tradition on me to suit their political agendas. If a church wants to perform a marriage ceremony for a homosexual couple, that is not my business to stop them. If a couple is bound together by love for each other, that is also not my business. By definition the government can't perform a marriage because that is a church matter, and state governments need to stop social engineering by forcing traditions to be abandoned against the will of those who revere the tradition in question. At the same time, no government should deny the recognition of a chosen partner or spouse of any individual. States need to make sure that pensions, health benefits and spousal access are left to the decision of the individual regardless of sex. 
  2. Illinois and Massachusetts are also attempting to trim back public employee CBA agreements on pensions and benefits, yet I haven't seen one person's panties bunched up about those states like we all saw with Wisconsin. The differences I see are Illinois and Massachusetts are run by Democrats, after that I am at a loss.
  3. Anthony Weiner resigned yesterday to shouts of "Bye bye perv!" Lots of people are saying "hey man, that's his personal life and not my business." These are generally the same people who feel government should be central to our lives, and therefore logically, involved in our personal lives. Sorry kids, you can't have it both ways. We need to raise our personal and political standards.
  4. There are protests in Saudi Arabia this week about giving women the right to drive cars. You do realize that we have practically shut down the crude oil business in this country and we buy our crude from a country that treats its women like chattel? I'm just looking for a little consistency of thought here, that's all. Women, even those in a country 8,000 miles away are more important to me than going Green.
  5. Mitt Romney told a bunch of unemployed people that he is also "unemployed." Many TV news people are offended by this. In context what Romney said was harmless, but since Obama laughed about all the money he spent on shovel- ready projects that "weren't as shovel- ready as we thought," the MSM needs something to whine about to take the heat off of their guy.
Have a nice weekend.

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