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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Official Weiner Supporter Quiz

I am amazed at the amount of people coming to Anthony Weiner's defense. The excuses for this guy run the gamut:
  1. His handlers gave him bad advice
  2. He didn't actually have sex with anyone
  3. He was embarrassed and he's only human
  4. It's his personal life and none of our business
I have some questions for you defenders out there:
  1. Do you condone Weiner's behavior, his lying about it, and his blaming other people for it?
  2. If your spouse of significant other did what Weiner did, would you be okay with it?
  3. Are you okay with your government leaders being admitted liars?
  4. Does Anthony Weiner meet the standard you have set for yourself in your own life?
Now we'll take a little test:

Answer 'yes' or 'no' to each of the above questions. Give yourself 1 point for each 'yes' answer and 0 points for each 'no' answer.

If you scored 4 points: I am extremely concerned for my future and my family's future with people like you living in the same country as me.

If you scored 3 points: You put politics ahead of integrity and you are pretty much part of the problem.

If you scored 2 points: You need to really take a deep look at the life you are living and the things you have convinced yourself are acceptable.

If you scored 1 point: Don't be so smug. You still answered 'yes' to one question and that just means you have a small thread of personal integrity left.

If you scored 0 points: Normally I'd say you should be proud of yourself for answering every question correctly, but seriously, this wasn't that hard of a quiz to pass - if you have and values or integrity that is.

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