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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Actually Feel Some Confidence Creeping Back In

I watched the GOP debate on CNN last night. After months of being told by the main-stream media that there were no viable candidates to run against Obama I figured I would see for myself.

The main-stream media (MSM) couldn't be more wrong. There were five solid candidates at the debate last night who could easily unseat Obama.

First a few observations:
  • The MSM is letting its outrage show that President Obama was taken to task last night by all of the debate participants. Chuck Todd on NBC looked absolutely pissed off this morning. It was really quite funny to watch him try to keep his anger in check.
  • A guy who identified himself as a "mainstream Republican" asked a question last night. I was hoping there weren't any of his type left. Let me just say to any other "mainstream Republicans" out there: pretty much the mess we are in right now is as much your fault as it is the Democrats'. If you identify yourself as such, you should be as embarrassed as if you identified yourself as a Democrat.
  • John King needs to do something about all of the noises he makes while people are answering questions. Not only was he distracting as hell, he completely came off as not in control of his debate.
  • I loved King's attempts to make the participants look foolish, and the participant's ability to make King look like a neophyte and partisan crony.
  • The "this-or-that" questions (i.e. mild or spicy, Coke or Pepsi) should be left just for Democrats to answer. I want my candidates to be serious, not pop-idols like Obama or Clinton.
Now let's review the candidates in order of how they finished:
  1. Newt Gingrich: Absolutely kicked ass with every answer. The man is an intellectual and political giant. He won the evening hands down. Now we just have to see how his personal life and discipline deficits come into play.
  2. Michelle Bachmann: Got tripped up a few times, particularly on social issues, but she was a very close second to Newt. She was serious, well-informed and the antidote to Sarah Palin. I'm very close to endorsing her.
  3. Mitt Romney: He did better than I thought he would and he definitely was comfortable in the role of top dog. I just worry that there is enough substance behind the sheen.
  4. Herman Cain: Good Gawd I love this guy and I really, really want him to do well. He's a little too rough in some of his answers, and once again the Muslim-in-the-Cabinet thing tripped him up badly. Herman Cain is the type of guy we need in the White House, he just might not be political enough to win the job.
  5. Tim Pawlenty: Lost it for me when he backed off the ObamneyCare bit. That was the smartest thing he ever said, and he crumbled in front of the guy he was aiming at. Not a good sign.
  6. Ron Paul: He didn't show very well last night. He was a bit all over the map and he seemed unprepared. I think he failed getting the bulk of his mission statement across to the audience, which to me is a giant shame: Policy-wise, Paul is the closest to my way of thinking.
  7. Rick Santorum: He just comes across as angry and intellectually light. Sort of Obama for the Right. He just doesn't matter to me after last night.
Let's get on with it because the debate has made me feel confident we are going to send a candidate to the plate who can hit the ball. An Obama without the concern of getting re-elected will make the Obama who was concerned about getting re-elected look like Ronald Reagan. He needs to go and I think we're preparing to make the case and get the job done.

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