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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Four Point Plan To Fix The Economy, Or I Hate The Rich Because They're So Friggin' Snotty All The Time

During his news conference yesterday, President Obama came up with a four-point plan to fix the economy:
  1. Tax billionaires
  2. Tax millionaires
  3. Tax people who own corporate jets
  4. Make congress do their homework two days early just like Sasha and Malia
I really can't argue with that logic and I am impressed with the fact that the President left no stone unturned in his fight for the American people. I'm not even going to attempt to find fault with the President's well thought out agenda.

However, there were two things I did find somewhat stupid and ominous, in that order.
  1. According to the President, he's been "right here, working on Afghanistan,  bin Laden and Greece." Really? Afghanistan is a complete mess; bin Laden has been dead for a while (and all the President really did was say "okay" and then watch it on TV); and what exactly the hell does he have to do regarding Greece? And if he is working on Greece, I might point out that it's not going well.
  2. The President said in reference to owners of corporate jets, "They can still ride their jets, they just have to pay more to do it." What this means is that in our President's mind he is the one who gives permission to owners of corporate jets to fly (not ride) in their corporate jets. If I have to explain to you why those words are either so poorly chosen as to be laughable or they are a clear window into the thought process of the President, there is no hope for you and you should go watch Rachel Maddow or something.

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