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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Feeling Sorry for Representative Weiner

You might feel sorry for him but you shouldn't. I don't feel sorry for him one bit.

"But Jack! He humbled himself in front of all the world to show how sorry he was!" No, he made the choice to publicly humiliate himself in an attempt to save his seat in Congress. It's obvious to me that his power is more important to him than his self-respect.

He lied with the skill of a socio-path in order to hide the fact that he texts images of himself indiscriminately to people he thinks are young women. Who cares whether or not he used a government computer? He compromised himself by disregarding his family, his supporters and the country by cyber-sexing with anonymous people - people whose ages and political or criminal affiliations he did not know. If you think an apology will suddenly give this man the judgment and moral character he so obviously lacks, then you should do us all a favor and stop voting immediately.

He attacked others to cover his weakness and embarrassment with little or no concern for their well-being, as he abused his position to attack those who were speaking the truth and asking legitimate questions about his behavior. For this alone the man is not worthy to hold any office.

A grown man crying because he has been cornered into confessing his unusual private life does not impress me. Further still, a man who has been entrusted with representing people who behaves this way - and I mean the wanton way in which he satisfied his fetish for exhibitionism and his pathological lying to cover it all up - doesn't represent me as an American citizen. I feel sorry for you if you think he represents you, I mean seriously, try to develop some personal standards.

Representative Weiner - your apology is not accepted, I don't feel bad for you, and I personally think you got what you had coming. Your arrogance and meanness have been a stain on New York politics for too long, and now your inability to use your brain instead of your libido have added you to the long list of morons who abuse the power they have been given. I understand your next step is rehab for your sex addiction followed by your pronouncements that you will work to become a softer, gentler, better man, but I think it's time as a country we all step up and demand more from our leaders.

Do the right thing and resign.

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