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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Charity That Embraces Captialism and Self-Determination

Last week I was introduced to a charity that represents pretty much everything I believe in.

Kiva.org is the website for a non-profit organization that facilitates loans to people who otherwise would not have access to capital. Capital is the tool that improves lives, and capital in the hands of people who need it to better their station in life is the most powerful tool of all. As an unabashed libertarian free-market capitalist I can't think of a better non-profit to get behind and be passionate about.

Using partners and micro-finance institutions throughout the world, Kiva collects donations and disburses funds to people who are looking to use self-determination to improve their lives. The loans are repaid by the recipient, allowing the contributor to start the cycle again.

I was able to contribute to a $225 loan to a woman in Kenya who was looking to buy a bag of beans, some new chicks and chicken feed to help increase her income from her poultry business. No government official, bureaucrat or local thug came between us. She is free to purchase what she knows she needs and I am happy in the confidence that the money I loaned her will actually get used properly - and repaid so I can use that money again.

I really urge those of you who believe in free-markets, limited government and self-determination for everyone to check this organization out and get involved if you can.

Some facts:
  • $223,000,000 disbursed through 296,334 loans
  • 98.79% repay rate
  • 595,284 lenders in 213 countries lending to people in 59 countries
  • 133 field partners (micro-finance institutions)
  • 450 volunteers world-wide
Charity is not a government function because government almost always fails to provide help to those in need. When government gets involved in charity, politics come first whether you want to believe that or not. People lending much needed capital to other people who want to determine their own trajectories in life is the best way to improve life for all of us.

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