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Monday, June 13, 2011

America's Current Civil War

There is very little common ground left in our society. In fact, I can't honestly say we have one society anymore. We are now several different sub-societies all vying for supremacy, and until we all begin to bridge the divides, America will continue to weaken until it eventually fades away.

We have Left versus Right. Black versus White. Red Sate versus Blue State. Hispanic versus White. Gay versus Straight. Labor Union versus non-union. Government employee versus taxpayer. Muslim versus Jew. Religious Right against Secular Left. You versus me. The list goes on and on.

While the beginnings of our main political differences can be traced back to the Federalist Papers and the French Revolution (which was a failure by the way so stop worshipping it), our current state of finger pointing and division can be traced back to August 1988. That's when Rush Limbaugh took to the national airwaves. As a matter of disclosure, I agree with pretty much everything Limbaugh says, even some of the outrageous stuff, but - and this is the point - he is an entertainer first and a political pundit second. Ditto for Sean Hannity and everyone else of their ilk. They are not the problem, the outlying fringes of both the Left and the Right who take them too seriously are the problem.

The words of Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, NBC and ABC News, the pundits on Fox News and the aforementioned radio pundits are now accepted as political gospel. The "new" media has enjoined the corrupted "mainstream" media, and pretty much now everyone is full of crap - including their audience.

Remember, the main point of view of this blog is that everything is basically our fault - well, mostly your fault because I vote correctly but that's another matter - so if the media in this country is causing unnecessary turmoil I'm not going to blame it on them, I'm going to blame it on their audience.

We're at war with ourselves because we have been seduced by hate-mongers and rabble-rousers. We need to let our guns cool a bit so we can find some common ground with each other - quickly.

It's okay to disagree with or even dislike the president, or a presidential candidate, or even a television personality. What's not okay is acting like insufferable ex-wives and shutting off our listening abilities as soon as we are confronted with an opinion that differs from ours. We who are passionate about liberty and freedom need to take the lead and debate with intellect, not emotion.

It doesn't matter who the leaders are if the the population can't ever agree on anything.

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