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Sunday, May 29, 2011

No First Amendment Rights Here Kids, Sorry.

The piece I wrote this week on the Boycott Diane & Co has resulted in some comments in defense of, and from, the people who started the Facebook page to punish Diane & Co.

For the record, I am affiliated with neither but I do think it's necessary for facts to speak for themselves, and in this case I stand by the facts as I read them. This is also not a silly little chatroom where anonymous stalkers can muck up the flow of ideas. So unfortunately because of the incivility of the people who support the boycott of Diane & Co boycott, from now on only members of this blog can post comments to it - no First Amendment Right here kids, sorry.

I am not afraid of the ideas or opinions of any other person, and I welcome comments about anything I write - however, anonymous comments won't get published on this blog. I call people who remain anonymous, well, cowardly. Don't expect to have your say to my audience when you are afraid to stand by your words. I work hard for my audience and they deserve better than chatroom nonsense from some anonymous person.

Say what you want, be civil, and don't hide behind some silly nickname or email address. The kind of people who do that are exactly the kind of people I am taking to task with the post about Social Media as it relates to the Diane & Co story.

Remember, you have the freedom to not read this page.

Ed. Note: As of September 19, 2011, full commenting has been re-activated.

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