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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TWIR: England Edition

I'm a little late posting this week's The Week In Review, in fact its actually already next week, but nevertheless, let's review the week. I was in England and although I thought about actually blogging everyday with my witty and intelligent insights, quite frankly that was too much like work, and well, I was on vacation. So here we go with that.

  1. Glum. English society seems to be mostly glum. Very polite, but glum.
  2. There is a cultural pride in England that is just a part of the society, something that is sorely lacking here. They have people who actually clean the sidewalks with sidewalk sweeper machines, and we just have slobs who couldn't care less about the filth they create and live in.
  3. Based on a sample of a dozen or so, London taxi drivers are the best I've ever encountered, but based on a sample of one, Liverpool taxi drivers actually make NYC cabbies look professional and pleasant.
  4. When French school children pose for pictures they sound like this: un deux trois cheeeeeese! Try to smile when you say fromage and you will see why.
  5. Seriously people, have you ever heard of standing in line and waiting your turn?
  6. It appears that the UK has embraced technology and incorporated it into most aspects of daily life, on the other hand, we here in the US appear oafish and backward in terms of the daily use of technology. As a technologist I was embarrassed by that, I mean we should at least make an attempt to be on par with our peers.
  7. Most British people think most Americans are stupid and loud. On this point we agree. But I also think most British people need to take the snootiness down a notch or two.
  8. I like the politeness. 
  9. There are great restaurants in NYC. There are better restaurants in London.
  10. Liverpool is a far cooler city than London, and my visit there was an outrageously pleasant surprise. 
It sucks when vacation is over, but its always nice to be back home.

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