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Friday, May 6, 2011

TWIR: Big Picture Edition

To say the least this was quite a week. Usually I like to keep TWIR fairly light-hearted, kind of like Casual Friday for the Mind, but sometimes you have to be an adult and not start the weekend early.

  1. Pakistan is apparently hurt and angry that we ignored their duplicity and went in and took care of some business we felt was vital to our interests, not Pakistan's. Like the kid down the block who is mad at you for always making him 'it,' Pakistan is now threatening to stop being our ally and maybe even side with the Chinese. No more military and intelligence cooperation from us they brazenly shout whilst they try to cover up their incompetence and untrustworthiness. Our response should be an unqualified "Okay, whatev. As a matter of fact go be friends with China and see how your sovereignty works out then. And anyway, we like India better because they are a democracy with better food. :-p" The Obama Administration needs to continue to examine their new-found cajones and tell Pakistan to go pound salt. In fact, they should throw Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Egypt in the mix while they're at it.
  2. I've heard all the arguments from both sides about releasing the video and pictures of the currently barnacle-attracting Osama bin Laden. I agree with almost all of them pro and con, so in this case I'm going to let it go under the advisement of the Commander-In-Chief. Some things are just never as black and white as people want them to be. It's time to let it be and move on. The loyal opposition needs to learn they can't win every argument.
  3. Having said that, the Obama Administration shouldn't even have released the news in the first place. The crash of the helicopter kind of made that impossible to do, but the right thing from a security, intelligence and operational point-of-view would have been to kill bin Laden and then just answer "no comment" when asked about all the US activity in Abbotabad that night. We could have secretly had tremendous intel on Pakistan, Al Qaeda and Afghanistan that would have served US interests far greater than the little bump President Obama will receive from his "gutsy decision." You know what Mr. President? How about just shutting up and getting the job done instead of turning everything into an opportunity to celebrate your awesomeness?
  4. I also I have a big problem with the Intern-In-Chief and his merry band of pranksters' inability to get their stories straight. Michelle Malkin wrote everything there is to say about that in her column today. CLICK TO LINK. Obama's trip to the WTC in New York yesterday showcased how inexperienced and lacking in gravitas Mr. Obama is. We're two-plus years into his administration and it's past time for him to start carrying the weight of his office in his countenance.
  5. The removal of Osama bin Laden from the political landscape and the Earth in general will have a much smaller if even measurable effect on history than the so-called Arab Spring. Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda fed off of the unrest caused by the cache of dictators that were bolstered and supported by the United States, and the revolutions have removed that aspect from Middle Eastern politics. It has been said Osama bin Laden died in Tunisia in January, and for the most part that is true. I'm also not a big fan of the tailgate party style cheering and celebrating that came after the news was released. I understand the cathartic release of emotion the news of his demise caused, but it's a little too video gamey for me.
Have a nice weekend. I have to shop for clothes and shoes for my upcoming vacation, so I will be working very hard to be light-hearted and joyful while I roam the mall this weekend.

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