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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taking The Country Back One Liberal At A Time

Liberals are more successful than Conservatives because they are patient, not because their ideas are better. In fact, I personally think their ideas are horrible.

The liberal faction in this country has been working slowly and diligently since the 1930s to transform the US to its own version of representative Socialism. Over the past 70 years they have defined the argument and they have defined the opposition (that's us).

Meanwhile, those of us who have been defined as the "Right" or "Conservative" have been shooting ourselves in our collective foot because we want wholesale change NOW! Ain't gonna happen. An entire culture of entitlement is now three or four generations old. For thirty years the education system has failed to educate our children about personal responsibility and how powerful freedom actually is, and they've been helped in this failure by three generations of lazy parents. Since FDR we have been conditioned to believe government is the center of our lives. We have also been taught by the central power in this country that if we put ourselves and our families first we are somehow selfish and narrow-minded.

As frustrating as it is to live in a country that is mindlessly groping it's way toward the next handout, we need to be patient. We should take little nibbles instead of big giant mouthfuls. We should define ourselves and our beliefs without embarrassment and let those who disagree with us define themselves with their typically ill-informed responses. Revolutions of the heart happen slowly, almost imperceptibly, and they rarely happen at the ballot box - they happen in the general discourse of the population.

Sorry to inform you hard-core Libertarians out there, but you're not going to get what you want in your lifetime. You will however set the course of the country on the correct path by being well informed and thoughtful in your arguments. Otherwise, unless we start taking a more level-headed approach to politics, we will continue to allow the country to become a bad imitation of any number of failing Socialist European states. We don't need to engage in rhetorical battles, all we need to do is be firm and confident, and start our dialogues with what we believe on a personal level.

Get your arguments together. Find out what you really believe you want for your own life and go out and have lunch with a Liberal. We'll take the country back one Socialist at a time.

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