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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Oil Industry...Another Enemy For Dems To Demagogue

I wanted to write today about the silliness of the warfare being raged by Democrats against Big Oil. It's a prime populist movement that the inepts in government can use to take some of the heat off of themselves.

However, they couldn't be more off-target.

In doing my research I came across Bob Beauprez's summation of how we bark up the wrong tree when we allow the government to lead us into blaming Big Oil for all of our problems. The problems we face pertaining to our energy costs will never be solved as long as we foolishly allow ourselves to be led down the wrong path by the charlatans we have put in charge.

Bob Beauprez's brilliant and truthful column on the oil industry.

Bob Beauprez is a former member of Congress from Colorado with successful careers as a dairy farmer, community banker, and real estate development. He has published his first book, publishes a public policy website, A Line of Sight.com, and operates a buffalo breeding ranch in the Colorado mountains.

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