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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chris Christie Hates Regular People, or Teachers, or Something, I'm Not Sure

"Our point is simple: given the choice between adequately funding public education and other vital services, or taking care of his millionaire friends (and his own family), Christie took care of his own. The public needs to know that, and we intend to tell them." - Steven Wollmer, NJEA Communications Director in a letter to all NJEA Local Presidents. Click here to read the letter.

Just in case you're confused, where funding for education has been cut in New Jersey, it has been cut by the failure of local school budgets in local school board elections, not as a mandate from Governor Christie. The NJEA's beef is with people like me. And as far as NJ's vital services are concerned, they're really just as crappy as ever and Christie hasn't really even started cutting yet - so cut away my friend, cut away.

When you're done understanding the thought process of the NJEA, click the following link for an example of class warfare, unionist propaganda and general ignorance. Millionairesforchristie.com

The NJEA is attacking New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for taking contributions from millionaires, and loving millionaires, and maybe even being a millionaire himself.  Jon Corzine was a millionaire but he kissed the large and immobile butt of the NJEA, so he was okay.

Sorry my teacher friends, but your union is absurd. Oh, and by the way, just like I am not a racist for disagreeing with President Obama, I am not anti-teacher because I am anti-union.

The gist of the commercial you will get to watch when you visit the link is that Gov. Christie is somehow different from Jon Corzine because...well, it's not because of Wall Street ties, ummm, it's not because of the size of his portfolio (Corzine was a really rich guy), errr, it's because Governor Christie dared to speak the truth about the financial condition of New Jersey, while Corzine just continued a policy of kowtowing to the NJEA and other thuggish unions to garner favor and win votes.

Seriously people, it's 2011. Please don't tell me you are still so naive to reality that you actually buy into this populist propaganda. This would be hysterically funny if I didn't think the vast majority of you actually believed this garbage.

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