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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Wheel of Politics

The picture above is a very basic illustration of where you might be politically. I've included some basic definitions, but in some cases you may want to do a search on your Googleyweb or even check out a book to get a better definition. I'm sure this will mightily aggravate some of you, especially those who define your political beliefs differently than the commonly accepted philosophical definitions - you are free to make up your own Wheel of Politics. Just give me credit for giving you the impetus to do it.

Utopia: A pacifist society with no laws. From Thomas More’s satirical piece (1516). From the Greek ou toppos “No Place” and the Old English Eu Topia “Good Place.”

Anarchism: Considers the State and property rights harmful, unnecessary and undesirable.

Objectivism: Postulated by Russian philospher Ayn Rand (1905 - 1982) where laissez faire capitalism is the most direct means of supporting the morality of individual rights.

Anarcho-Capitalism: Anarchy supporting property rights where laws and security are upheld by individual volunteers.

Minarchism: Minimal State function allowing for property protection and individual protection from aggression, breach of contract and fraud.

Capitalism: Economic system based on privately-owned means of production for profit.

Classical Liberalism: Committed to limited government, free speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religious practice, laissez faire economics.

Third Way / Dsitributism: Attempts to reconcile laissez faire economics with Socialist approaches to societal needs. Keynesian policies, FDR’s New Deal and Bill Clinton’s “technocracy” are examples.

Socialism: Advocates public ownership or property and resources under State control.

Trade Unionism: Anti-Capitalist. The proleteriat are held down by the capitalist function and seek power against capitalist powers through strength in numbers.

Statism: Sovereignty is vested in the State not the individual, for the good of the individual.

Fascism: Single Nationalist authoritarian rule by committee or party.

Totalitariansim: Ruling individual, party or committee recognizes no limits on its authority.

Communism: In theory a classless and property-free society where all are equal and production os for the good of the society. .

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