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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update: Interview With a Bahraini Revolutionary

On March 6 I published an interview with a young woman from Bahrain named Zainab who was caught up in the firestorm of the revolution in Bahrain. Click to read original interview.

Four of Zainab's family members have been arrested and held since then. No word of their whereabouts or health has been sent to the family.

Zanaib's family members detained since the start of the unrest in Bahrain:
  • Abdulhadi Alkhawaja - Zainab's father
  • Wafi Almajed - Zainab's husband
  • Hussein Ahmed - Zainab's brother-in-law
  • Salah Alkhawaja - Zainab's uncle
I urge everyone to visit Zainab's blog to read the story of the arrests of her family members. I was in contact with Zainab the day the government came to arrest her father and the account she gave was horrifying. I posted a minute-by-minute account of the arrest on the blog in early March.

On April 11, Zainab started a hunger strike in an effort to bring attention to the plight of her family. She wrote a very poignant and powerful letter to President Obama that evening. It is unlikely our President read or even heard of the letter, but I sincerely wish everyone here would read it. Click to read Zainab's blog and her letter to President Obama.

Since she began her hunger strike, her health has deteriorated rapidly, her breathing is labored and she is too weak to sit or stand. In an update from her mother today, we have been told that Zainab has ended her hunger strike. There has still been no word on the health or well-being of her family members, but the Minister of the Interior has contacted her family and requested clothing be brought for her father, husband, brother-in-law and uncle.

The unrest is far from over. Untold numbers of people are suffering at the hands of politicians.

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