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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shut It Down All You Want - It Won't Go Away

In important news this week, the Democrats are going to shut the government down. Except that the Republicans are going to shut the government down. Actually the Tea Party is shutting the government down and stocking guns and cans of soup in their basements. That would all be true except that President Barack America is shutting the government down with the help of Matt Lauer and Bill Mahr. Or something like that, I'm not really sure.

Here's what I am sure of: I could actually care less if the Federal government shuts down. Sure I want our military to get paid, but after that I don't have much interaction with the Feds on a daily basis, except my Federal Withholding and FICA payments, so what the hell do I care? You see, I realize that this is all just stupid politics being foisted on a bored and short-of-attention public to scare us into letting them pretend to do something about how broke we are. Except no one really wants to do anything, because that would be hard.

The politicians you people voted into office are fighting over last year's budget and they are arguing over .08% of the total budget at that. All this proves is that no one in Washington has either a clue or the cajones to actually defend America from itself.

Shut it down, keep it open, do whatever the hell you want. Obama is wrong when he pouts that the shut down will harm the amazing economic recovery that is unfolding right before our very lying eyes. Harry Reid is wrong when he sniffs that cutting the Federal budget would end the Cowboy Poetry Festival. First of all, I've heard cowboys recite poetry and I know why the Feds have to subsidize them. Paul Ryan and John Boehner are wrong too when they get their Fruit of the Looms all bunched up over a few Freedom Fries in a fat guy's diet plan that ain't going to make a difference in the long term health outlook of said fat guy.

Simply put, the Federal government is far too entrenched in our daily lives and we are being poisoned daily by politicians with a deep agenda and nary a clue.

Get serious America, and Washington will be forced to follow.

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