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Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Tired of Being a Wienie and a Loser

I wanted to do an early endorsement for nominee in the 2012 presidential election. Being as I am not a highly-paid influential member of the media, I can endorse people and then change my mind without fear of repercussion. Thankfully I am able to be a free thinker. However, in order to sound like I am a highly-paid influential member of the media I needed to get my thoughts in order. You know, my likes and dislikes, stuff like that. What better way to do that than with a bullet list!

I'm tired of living in a country of losers, wieners and whiners.

I'm tired of being told by wealthy and successful people that I should be embarrassed by wealth and success.

I'm tired of being dragged down to a level of national incompetence
so I don't hurt the feelings of people who can't be arsed to achieve.

I'm tired of politicians who haven't run anything running everything.

I'm tired of political correctness and leaders who couch their
comments and winding up saying nothing.

I'm tired of fools who think cutting what amounts to ten days of interest on the national debt is actually achieving something.

I like sunset walks on the beach with puppies and a Bartles & James (wait, sorry, wrong Blog, I'll edit that out later).

I like brashness and people who see things for what they are and say so.

I like living comfortably and having social and financial security.

I like people to leave me the hell alone and I promise I'll do likewise.

I like intelligent leaders who are tough and strong and who think being a
wienie is unattractive.

Okay, so that pretty much sums me up socially and politically.

Tim Pawlenty says the right things, but there's a certain mistrust I have because he is first and foremost a politician.

Mitt Romney is too slick and pre-packaged to ever be an effective leader.

Sarah Palin is a joke. Please, seriously?

Newt Gingrich is brilliant and an awesome political thinker, but his management style leaves me in doubt that he will be able to get things done.

Mike Huckabee is a nice guy. Really he is. I mean it. He's very nice.

I'm going to risk what little gravitas I have and put my chips on Donald Trump. I want my leaders to kick ass not kiss ass, and Trump is an ass-kicker. He says the things I would say if someone would bother to interview me. Okay, the birther bit is a bit much, but what if he is right? So, Trump for President. Let's kick-ass and take names in 2012 and get the country out of wienieland and into a little mean-spirited go-for-itness.

For VP I am tentatively behind Herman Cain. Okay, that whole No-Muslim-in-the-Cabinet bit was kind of stupid, but then again, Obama said 10,000 people died in a tornado in Kansas and that there were 52 states, and we all gave him a pass. And that cop in Boston "acted stupidly" and we forgave him. Cain is a brilliant business thinker who leans to the Libertarian side of things and I like that.

So, without a bit of irony and a whole lot of sincerity, I am endorsing a Trump/Cain ticket for 2012.

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