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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Federal Government Shutdown - Some Facts

We're all going to die and the world is going to end. Someday, but probably not Friday when the Federal government shuts down. In fact, most of us won't be affected at all, and those of us who will be have been down this road before. I love facts.

Previous shutdowns:
Between 1977 and 1980 the Federal government shutdown 6 times, ranging in length from 8 to 17 days.
Between 1980 and 1995 the Federal government shutdown 9 times, with each shutdown not lasting longer than 3 days.
During the Clinton Administration the Feds shutdown twice. There were no shutdowns during the Bush Administration.
Federal Employees Who Keep On Working:
People who perform on the job medical care.
People who clean up hazardous waste.
People who inspect food.
People who patrol the borders.
People who protect Federal property.
People who guard inmates.
People who control the distribution of power.
ZIP the postal guy or gal.
People who keep planes from crashing except when they are asleep.
Oh, and Social Security checks were mailed during all previous shutdowns and military personnel got paid, but in some instances payments were slightly delayed during the longest shotdowns.

Things That Are Kaput During The Federal Shutdown:

Pretty much all I could find was passports won't get issued, some hazardous waste site clean-ups will be slowed down, new clinical research won't get started and bankruptcy cases (Federal bankruptcy that is) won't get processed. IRS refunds, the National Weather Service, National Parks, new Veteran's benefits, and economic reports will all stop during the shutdown.

We've survived shutdowns before, we'll survive them again. But we might not survive idiots and morons in Congress and the White House who cannot wrap their heads around the real problems facing this country.

Maybe if your lonely old mother needs some money you might think about stopping by the nursing home and dropping her a twenty or something. The big report is that the Giant Pandas in the Washington Zoo are going to immediately die within minutes of the shutdown. Somebody give me a call and I'll pick up a couple of bamboo shoots for them, if nobody thinks to feed them.

Relax kids, you're being hyped and propagandized here.

This report was compiled from various print and broadcast media.

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