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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chevy Volt Burns Down Garage - Contributes to Global Warming

A Chevy Volt caught fire in northwestern Connecticut last week and burned itself and its garage up.

The Volt was plugged in using electricity generated by either a coal steam plant or a dreaded nuke, but the Volt didn't make any pollution at all, except for when it was on fire.

President Obama said in a speech this week that green energy is the only viable short-term answer to our inability to produce our own oil and our need to go with cap in hand to every degenerate despot in the world so we can share our wealth with them. I'm thinking the carbon footprint of the garage fire was probably bigger than the carbon footprint of my dear old Ford pick-up that has like 160,000 miles on it. My Ford is safer anyway vis-a-vis burning down my garage.

There was also a 1987 Suzuki Samurai the owner had converted to electricity "years ago." A GM spokesman said the Volt was more "a victim" than the cause of the fire, as he clung to the theory that the Samurai became jealous or something after losing its place as top dog of green living in the family. Logic does dictate that an electric car stored in the garage and not plugged in would start itself on fire but a new car with unproven technology that is plugged in wouldn't.

By the way, 300 Volts have been sold, 2 have caught fire. That's a pretty high percentage.

So we are having unproven technology shoved down our throats to wean us off oil we can't afford because we insist on ignoring our own resources and buying the damned stuff from every unstable corner of the world by an administration that does not understand the ways of commerce and wealth building? That's sound government policy for sure.


RT said...

lol, thanks for running with this story and making me laugh at the same time. The fire chief still says the cause of the fire is unknown. Ha! With the most recent scrambling to save this tax funded death trap, I'm wondering how many more episodes have occurred and been hushed up by the vaunted media.

RT said...

The fire chief is still scratching his head over what caused the fire,lol. Wonder how many more "unexpected" events have occurred and been hushed up by a complicit media.