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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All I Want To Say Is That They Don't Really Care About Us

Public School Employees of Washington State SEIU Local 1948 members were attending a Leadership and Action Conference in Los Angeles during the last week in March, and on March 26 they formed a flash mob at a local Los Angeles Target store. They were disrupting the business and its patrons in solidarity of local Teamsters who have been trying to organize Target drivers.

Click to watch video. "Hey Target you can't hide, we can see your greedy side," the Union thugs chant as they disrupt shoppers. We've been hearing a lot lately about how it's not teachers who are the problem, it's their union leaders who are the problem. What I see when I watch this video is a bunch of middle-aged women whose power has gone to their collectively bargained heads.

Here are a couple of thoughts:
  1. What the hell business is it of a bunch of teachers from Washington to get involved in a local union dispute in Los Angeles?
  2. Are these women more interested in being educators or in being union activists?
  3. Does the Public School Employees of Washington encourage inter-state union activism amongst its members? Click the link if you would like to flash mob the Board of Directors of PSE SEIU Local 1948.
  4. I also noticed that the PSE Local SEIU 1948 is very upset about the possibility that all of its members may be faced with a 3% pay cut. Ummm, okay, anyone for living in the real world?
Oh, and before you get your polyester undergarments all bunched up about item number 2: Sure they are allowed to do as they please on their free time. However, they weren't on their free time, they were attendees at a convention that is directly related to their public employment. They were also representing public sector employees from the State of Washington.

I have tried to be sympathetic to the hard working teachers who go to school everyday and do their jobs (which in and of itself shouldn't really be deserving of praise...I do the same thing and no one praises me - ever) but when they cross the line and become political and union activists they are fair game.

Watch the teacher at the end of the video and pay attention to how proud she is that she is now a union thug and remember her the next time you are being bullied by a public sector union employee into believing you must support them no matter how broke you are or how out-of-touch their demands are.

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