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Friday, March 4, 2011

Updated Battle Reports From Libya

Bloomberg news reports that Hugo Chavez is urging regional supprort for Gaddafi. This will show how much sway he has in northern South America.

A pro-Gaddafi helicopter gunship has been downed outside of Ras Lanouf. Ras Lanouf is a major oil terminal on the Mediterranean, and as such will be valuable to both sides.

The city of Ras Lanouf is now solidly in the control of the revolutionaries. Confirmed by multiple sources in last hour. We were able to report this earlier today.

An arms depot 20km outside of Benghazi has been hit by what is presumably a pro-Gaddafi air strike.

Interesting fact we have not been told: Libya is also home to 150,000 cubic kilometers of water, which in the region is likely more strategic than oil.

Tweet from Sultan AlQassami (Egypt): The Libyans aren't in an Intifada (uprising), it is a total war of liberation. The battalions are joining the revolutionaries.

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