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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Senator McCaskill (D-MO) Shows Us One Scandal, Hides Another

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) has announced that she convinced her husband to "sell the damn plane" after it was revealed that former auditor McCaskill and her husband failed to pay $287,000 in property taxes on the plane. She is also accused of falsely charging for use of the plane during official business. She has apologized and written a check to pay the taxes. Problem solved. All is okay again.

As a side note, Presidential candidate Barack Obama used McCaskill's plane during his 2008 run for office. Obama hasn't been implicated in any way, but his campaign was billed $3938.16 on at least one occasion.

But I think the plane scandal is just a ruse to take attention away from a far more complicated matter. A union matter that once again shows a Democrat lawmaker and the leaders of a union kleptocracy in bed together.

Senator McCaskill was active in an election involving union officers at American Airlines without disclosing that she was close personal friends with an executive appointee to the incumbent union administration. Senator McCaskill was instrumental in brokering a deal with the airline that granted unprecedented voting rights to approximately 410 flight attendants with a recall extension given to 800 more. Those 1,200 flight attendants were then encouraged by the incumbents to withhold their votes during the primary election, in effect giving their tacit support to the incumbents during the runoff.

American Airlines executives who were involved in the union election central to this latest scandal contributed heavily to Senator McCaskill's successful 2008 Senate campaign.

McCaskill is no stranger to airline operation having worked with American Airlines to help re-instate laid-off TWA flight attendants in 2006.

Senator Clair McCaskill is either a very a bad operator who has now been exposed on several different fronts, or she is an extremely shrewd political operative who is playing the general public by admitting to one fraud while dancing around another.

The good folks in the "Show Me State" should make their politicians show them exactly who they are before electing them.

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