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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Report From Libya - March 2

Evan Hill, Aljazeera English producer narrowly missed being hit by bomb dropped from a pro-Gaddafi aircraft earlier today near Benghazi. Click for picture. Courtesy Evan Hill.

Gaddafi's forces on the ground were defeated in the town of Azintan today. Click for video showing captured mercenaries. Mercenary ground forces are generally being recruited from Chad and Nigeria. Courtesy Iyad El-Baghdadi.

Rebel forces have taken control of the eastern city of Brega. Click for raw picture feed. Brega has the second largest oil terminal in Libya.

A battle is currently raging in Gharya, which was until recently a Gaddafi stronghold.

Estimates are running as high as 6,000 casualties (unconfirmed) in Libya since February 17.

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