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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Report From Inside Libya: March 1

The following is a synposis of reports from a contact inside Libya who has been communicating with a blogger in Doha. This report was filed around 7 PM local time Tuesday.


"Eyewitness went from Tripoli towards Azawiya and described the military build up by Gaddafi forces. He's (Gaddafi) gone beyond tanks & infantry, he's brought in Grad rocket launchers. There are over 20 checkpoints between Swanni and Azzarah and the forces are concentrated in Azzarah. Checkpoints are manned by Khamis Brigade, soldiers are on edge and ready to shoot at the slightest provocation. That being said, Azawiya people are alert and ready for an attack. They know it's coming and their morale is sky high. At the same time, Gaddafi's troops despite all the build up are in low spirits. Very low."

"Confirmed that Gaddafi called a notable person in the city (Azawiya)and threatened airstrikes, and offered to negotiate. Also confirmed that people completely refuse negotiations and even the prospect of negotiations."


"Starting with the east, confirmed that yesterday's airstrike on arms depots in Adjabia missed. Interestingly, it seems like an intentional miss, it's basically a series of 10 bunkers. Can't be missed except on purpose.

"Also confirmed that Gaddafi forces have retaken Ras Lanouf, and all the coast up to at least Bishr. Not clear yet whether Marsa Barayqa is with Gaddafi or liberated. There are military preparations in Ajdabia, I can't reveal them. But there are real fears it is the next target for a ground assault. Fears are that Ajdabia is not as well defended as Benghazi. Defenders have very high morale but they also need guns and training. That being said, all attacks by Gaddafi on major cities to date have failed miserably. That's kinda comforting by itself."

Click for map of current military situation in Libya.

All information was compiled by and is courtesy of Iyad El-Baghdadi.

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