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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Newslinks: March 8 International Women's Day in Egypt

Today is Internation Women's Day (IWD). The day was marked by a gathering, or protest depending on POV, in Tahrir Square in Egypt. Reports are that the situation got very tense when men in the crowd begain harassing and attacking the women who were taking part in an otherwise peaceful march.

Here are some Tweets from the march this evening, they are in reverse chronological order (oldest last):

"If anything one of the few decent men who rose in our defense had a long beard. Looked Salafi. The hostile men looked like thugs." - via Pakinam Alem

"Don't label things as religious simply because some ignorant idiots harass in the name of religion. This is a social problem." - via Sahar Hafez

"Army had to fire shot in air to break up mob running after group of women." - Hadeel Al Salchi

"Dear egyptian muslims, ur religion is being used as justification for secterianism & misogyny. This is ur battle. Fight it. I know its not fair to be judged by anyone speaking in ur name, but life aint (fair). Step up now." - Mahmoud Salem

"Egypt women being harassed by men in Tahrir during iwd demonstration. Told they were foreign conspirators." - Hadeel Al-Salchi

"Just to clear this out: These harassers and hostile men were NOT Islamists. Most looked uneducated, seya3, thug-like." - via Pakinam Amer

"I'm not usually paranoid, but I suspect this attack is to prove former regime claim that they protected women's right against 'islamism'" - via Sarah El Sirgany

"In an amazing pro-extinction move, apparently some people are chanting 'Down With Women' in Tahrir right now." via Sherief Farouk.

"Sexism and inequality sadly remain wide spread in Egypt, Jan25 can NEVER be a success if women remained 2nd class citizens." - via Ananeemana

"Women are more emotional than men. Arab women are more emotional than European women so they can't run for president," said guy in #Tahrir - via Aya el Batrawy

"Some men verbally attacked the female protesters, telling them to go cook and to stay home. Many left due to fights." - via Mahmoud Salem

"I'm getting more convinced that there is deliberate spreading of chaos in Egypt. Why would a woman's march get attacked?" - via Sarah El Sirgany

"On another note, friend is deeper into the crowds called us and said some men are "attacking" a woman. Not sure what he means." - via Pakinam Amer

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