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Monday, March 7, 2011

Newslinks: March 7

Click link to read copy of letter presented to US Embassy in Bahrain today from the anti-Monarchy protesters there.

Receiving reports from Egypt that Coptic Christians are facing some violence and are afraid to leave their houses. Some reports that Coptic churches have been burned. Received this message via Tiwtter: "A message to who target Christians: Muslims will rebuild their churches, will protect their houses, and will always have their backs!!" via Sara Hesham Zayed.

White House has just released $15 million to aid refugee relief in Libya and another $12.6 million for refugee relief in Cote D'Ivoire.

Gulf Arab states are now calling for a No Fly Zone over Libya.

The city of Az Zawiya, 25 km west of Tripoli, has bee subject of varying reports today. Some reporting the city has been completely wiped out (which has been called state propaganda) and some reporting sporadic fighting but that the revolutionaries still are in control of the city.

Reports of large scale fighting, including air strikes, with many casualties in the port city of Ras Lanouf.

Relief personnel are concerned about a massive drop in refugees crossing from Libya into Tunisia. Estimates run from a high last week of 15-20,000 to less than 2,000 today. Drop may be caused by a simple end to the refugee flow to state sponsored violence and imprisonment of refugees. A source in Misurata claims African refugees are being rounded up and put on boats headed for Europe to start a "refugee crisis" there.

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