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Friday, February 18, 2011

TWIR: The Week In Review Returns.

The long time staple of The Smirking Moose and the original The Blog, The Week In Review, has returned, and we should all be thanking our lucky start for that. All of this serious and history altering revolution stuff can get a bit heavy after a while, so it's good to have something on a Friday morning to lighten things up a bit. For the uninitiated amongst you, this is how this works: I think of five things that happened during the week and I review them.

1. A popular tweet among the Twitterati in the Middle-East yesterday: "Is Wisconsin the next Egypt?" I would like to thank the teacher's union in Wisconsin for initiating this world-wide perception of a common-sense approach to problems they themselves have helped create.

2. Reporter in Madison yesterday: "Why are you here." Seventeen-year-old male goofball and future doofus: "I'm here to get that dude to stop what he is doing." The dude in question? Governor Parker of Wisconsin. His teachers called in sick after urging their students to hit the streets in protest of things they don't understand and that will very soon ruin their ability to live fruitful lives.

3. People stop me in the street now that I am blogging again and ask, "Why are you so vehemently against the teachers?" I'm not against the teachers at all, remember I had a crush on Mrs. Bobick in the 3rd grade. I am against leadership without checks and balances. I fear power in the hands of pretty much everyone. Teacher unions are extremely powerful, therefore they are dangerous, therefore I am against them. I'm just being consistent kids.

4. Did you know that last year there were like 7.4 million private sector union members in this country and 7.8 million members of government employee unions? Bet you didn't and I hope you are as disturbed and frightened by this number as I am.

5. I saw The King's Speech last week. Tremendous movie. I went in the afternoon on a Sunday so by like thirty years I was mostly the youngest person there. There was one middle-aged guy with multiple earrings, a hair-weave and waxed eyebrows sitting not too far from me who was texting like a 15-year-old girl. The sound of people rattling their popcorn boxes didn't bother me, but the sound of this dope's cell phone vibrating every five seconds did.

Have a nice weekend.

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