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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tripoli Update

The latest news from the contact in side tripoli we have been following:

"First, there were widely reported attempts by #Gaddafi at negotiations. I think Saif mentioned it. Here are some details. He (Gaddafi) sent an envoy to Misurata, but was rebuffed very harshly. City's elders & notables said things are way past negotiations. He tried to buy Azzintan (tribe/town), offering billions of dollars. Also rebuffed very harshly.

"There were reports earlier that "Gaddafi doesn't control even a drop of oil right now". But then reports that a Khamis brigade attacked and re-took Ras Lanuf, which is essentially an oil facility. There were calls to the tribes on either side of the #Libya/Tunisia border to attack and secure the border area to allow flow of aid.

"Chants today in (city of)Misurata were "Aljazeera Aljazeera, today's will be the seasons finale!" Misurata actually said they will arrest any envoy from #Gaddafi who would dare talk about negotiations.

Courtesy of Iyad El-Baghdadi via his contact in Tripoli. Messages sent via text.

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