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Friday, February 25, 2011

Reports From Tripoli via Twitter

Video Gaddafi's forces removing body from the street in Tripoli.

These Tweets via Iyad El-Baghdadi in Doha are approximately 5 hours old as of 10:30 PM EST. They are streamed from a contact in Tripoli. The contact has remained anonymous for his own personal safety.

"Yesterday after Friday prayers, protesters marched out of Tajoura towards its round about, and into Arradh, into Al-Hani. The protesters were attacked in Al-Hani, before they go on to Souq al Juma. These are in fact the same protesters who were widely reported to be heading towards the Green Square yesterday. Now the crack down on them which happened at Al-Hani was not by mercenaries alone, this is significant. Units from the Khamis brigade (#Gaddafi's son), who are highly trained & armed, were waiting at Al-Hani cross roads.

"Khamis brigade opened fire from anti-aircraft guns. Eyewitness estimates 15-20 killed a least. Eyewitness says 15-20 are only the deaths that were around him; given the size of the protest the numbers killed may be far more. After the protesters dispersed, the Khamis brigade carried out a street-by-street search, shooting anyone else spotted in the area. Shooting went on for an hour and a half. Dead bodies were picked up. At the time of sending the report, my contact says there were clean ups going on, removing any signs of deaths on the street."

NOTE: Reading through the rest of the report it becomes apparent that peaceful resolution in Libya is not possible without one side being destroyed. Fears are starting to percolate throughout the region that this is exactly the type of scenario Al Qaeda was conceived in and that Al Qaeda will thrive in Libya if given the chance. Libyan citizens have announced that they do not wish for outside military intervention, so events are going to unfold regardless of sanctions or UN resolutions.

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