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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Overnight Reports From Tripoli via Twitter

My contact in Doha has a contact in Tripoli who is surreptitiously able to get text messages out to him. Here is his report from the early morning hours:

"First, they confirmed that Gaddafi troops don't hold territory, but rather move out to kill and then go back to Bab al Azizia. They described the Gaddafi troops in #Tripoli as being "directed" rather than "autonomous", suggesting a centralize command. This means all talk about Gaddafi losing control over #Tripoli are inaccurate; he's still able to control it without holding it. However, my sources did confirm that there is no regime securit.y personnel on the ground at all in most of #Tripoli.

"Also confirmed that AK-47's are being distributed to Gaddafi supporters with directions to shoot unarmed civilians if they protest. Confirmed that citizens in #Tripoli are totally unarmed. They have no means to defend themselves. Confirmed that in #Tripoli's outer suburbs, people are armed but not by the army; they took weapons from camps they overran. Confirmed that many people in #Tripoli are still able to get satellite TV and even Aljazeera sometimes, they keep finding ways. Also said that protesters are carrying bodies of the fallen with them, afraid Gaddafi's men will snatch the bodies in "clean-ups".

"My source said that it's widely believed that without being armed, they can't do a lot.Said: "We need to be armed. We are up against well trained units & mercenaries.

"The most beautiful answer was when I asked about people's morale in Tripoli after all those killings and all that blood... "The violence has made us more determined to get rid of him. If he stays he'll hunt us down house by house. There's no going back."

Courtesy Iyad El Baghdadi.

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