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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Newslinks: February 22

Gaddafi is continually speaking of the law and promises that revolutionaries will be given the death sentence. He is calling on those who love him to put down the protesters, and he is warning of impending civil war. It is obvious that Gaddafi is preparing to massacre those who are against him. He rationalizes his actions by saying "Yeltsin attacked parliament, China had Tianemen Square." "No one denounces the brutal actions of the US, Israel, Yeltsin and China. Why start with us now?"

Highlights from Gaddafi's speech:
"Small group of youth given hallucination pills are attacking police stations."
"170 US planes have been firing on Libya."
"I am much higher than all the other leaders in the world."
He gave his speech standing in front of buildings that were bombed in the 1986 US attacks. He has preserved them as a memorial to his ability to defy the US.

Aljazeera confirms mercenary pilots targeted airstrips, and army camps and depots in the eastern part of the country. Presumably to prevent the armed forces from acting against the regime.

Families of slain protesters in Libya aren't being allowed to retrieve bodies of loved ones unless they sign a waiver acknowledging the deceased died during surgery. Unconfirmed.

Confirmed reports now coming in from eastern Libyan that the Gaddafi regime is using paid mercenaries to fire upon LIbyan citizens. Unconfirmed sources yesterday claimed there were posters and pamphlets circulating in Nigeria and other sub-Saharan countires promising $2,000 (US) for mercenaries to fight in Libya.

Press release from Libya Outreach Group calling for UN action against Gaddafi. Click for link.

Breaking: the four Americans held hostage by Somali pirates have been reported killed after negotiations with US naval forces broke down.

Incredible video of government response after youth in Tripoli attempted to burn a picture of Gaddafi. Click the link.

Click to see pictures of youth imprisoned in Bahrain for "protest issues."

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