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Friday, February 18, 2011

Newslinks: February 18

Reported in the NY Post today: Mob in Tahrir Square last week was shouting "JEW! JEW! JEW!" just before they began the horrific assault on CBR reporter Lara Logan.

Violence is erupting across the Middle East today at a frighening pace.

CNN, via source on the ground in Libya, (CNN has no bureau in Libya): At least 20 killed, 200 injured in Benghazi.

Angryarabiya, via Twitter from Manama, Bahrain: "Ppl are saying the gov is killing us to end the uprising fast so they can start the formula one in march #F1 #bh"

"Dr Ghassan 'Nmbr of casualties, uncountable, can't cope, staff running around, as if we are in a war, chaos. We call for Intl help'" #Bahrain - Habib Haddad, blogger, via Twitter.

Photo of female Egyptian military police officer. The West needs to see this.

Aljazeera English live stream. We need to get as much information from as many sources as possible at times like these.

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