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Monday, February 14, 2011

Newslinks: February 14

Newslinks posts will be updated as needed:

Frightening video of Bahrain police firing rubber bullets on a peaceful protest in the capitol.

EnoughGaddafi, via Twitter from Tripoli, 1330 EST:
#Gaddafi promising VIOLENT, LETHAL suppression of #Feb17, world media take note... Gaddafi brutality notorious, massacred 1200 prisnrs of conscience n 3 min n 1996 at Abu Saleem Prison http://tiny.cc/4lsqp ... Libya is media vaccum, 1of worst press freedm violators (160 of 178) who is watching? can our eyes protect protesters on #Feb17 #Libya

Libya's Gaddafi scared of possible revolution tries new tact to deflect anger - Reuters Africa.

k irany (psuedonym used for protection), Iranian blogger, via Twitter, 11:15AM EST:
@CNN we in #IRAN need news coverage,to continue our protest. #neda #25bahman

Possible new video from street protests in Teheran. There are pictures and some video circulating, even on the major news outlets, originally shot during the 2009 revolution and re-captioned with today's date.

Iran: Anti-government protesters clash with government security forces.

Clashes in Yemen mirroring Egyptian revolution. Yemen is very likely the best place for Islamist extremists to gain a foothold if there is a power vacuum because of the deep presence of Al Qaeda. The current government is US backed and very unpopular.

Cuban dictator Fidel Castro hails 'Egyptian Revolution': Cuban dissidents have also allied themselves with Egypt's young protesters, saying they too should try to use social media more to organize protests against the government. On the day of Mubarak's fall, prominent Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez announced via Twitter, "Right now I feel like I am in Cairo. I shout and celebrate just like them," she wrote. "I call all my friends to tell them: there is one less dictator."

Imran Khan, Al Jazeera correspondent, 6 PM local time:
Thousands of protesters now marching in Tehran. Police has responded with tear gas. Police are attacking with batons

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