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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Inconsistency Is The Road To Hell

Democracy is a buzzword that people with grievances like to throw around when it benefits their side of an argument. It's also apparent that many of us think democracy is good for people we understand and have a connection to, but all of those other people? Well, they really should have a government that keeps them from changing things and making things uncomfortable. It saddens me to say that I see this most strikingly among those who claim to be "conservative" (whatever that is anymore) or those who claim to be Libertarian. It goes against the principles of Libertarian thought to defend democracy for some and deny it for others.

The problem with democracy is, it's uncomfortable. It's either too tight, or too loose, or made of a material we can't stand having right next to our skin. It's like that vice we all have that we know we can handle, but hell, that other guy over there? He can't. I mean after all, what the hell does he know anyway?

Egypt was tough for some because of Iran, and if not Iran, well then the Muslim Brotherhood, well, if not the MB then Israel. Actually, there are some who don't really know why they didn't want the people of Egypt to be free from a despot who relied on torture (the city of Cairo has at least one "torture rehabilitation facility"), they just knew it was best if everything stayed status quo.

Then there's Bahrain. Well, we think about Bahrain but then we don't even really know where it is. Vaguely, it's over there somewhere in that place that people danced in the streets after 9/11 or something, but we're not really sure. Hell, there were people in our own country who were happy after 9/11 and if the truth insults you then so be it. Yemen? That's where Al Qaeda is and they're bad, and it's just so damned far away. Libya? Muammar Gaddafi. Enough said. And all of this unrest is going to raise oil prices and cause world instability.

The problem is, the world isn't stable. When people are not free and are forced to live in fear, there is instability. When the American people take the side of a dictator who uses force against his own people, the American people choose against democracy. Maybe when people are allowed to govern themselves things will get worse, but just maybe things will get better. It did for us, and we must never forget that.

But surely, things for American will only get worse when we are perceived as selfish perpetrators of regimes that make our lives comfortable at the expense of the lives of others.

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