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Monday, February 14, 2011

Egypt, Tunis and Algeria

"Ok, first of all, the Muslim Brotherhood has maybe 4 million people including supporters, families & sympathizers. Not a threat. Secondly, The MB were already burned in the last election. Had Mubarak not fixed it, they would've lost many seats anyway." Mahmoud Salem, via Twitter, 3:30 PM local time, Monday.

Police and other government employees are protesting in the streets of Cairo today.

Meanwhile, in Tunisia problems are persisting. "We are afraid. The revolution in January has changed nothing, absolutely nothing. We want to find a job in Europe. We are asking the Italian people for help," one man told news channel SkyTG24. As of this morning over 4,000 refugees have flooded the Italian island of Lampedusa seeking asylum. The Italian government has issued an appeal to the EU for assistance.

I am currently searching for legitimate news from the streets of Sa'aan in Yemen where protests are underway.

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