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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Brief History Of Time

Well, I'm back blogging again. Why? Because apparently I can't keep quiet. So let me retrace things a bit to refresh everyone's memory, or to indoctrinate the new amongst you...

Back in 2002 when I was writing for a living I started blogging as a way to sell my writing and stuff. It actually worked pretty well. I owned a domain name that was my actual name but somebody bought it when I let it lapse in 2007 and they wanted $1500 to buy it back. I started this blog in 2007 because I am too cheap to pay that much money for my own name, which frankly isn't my real name anyway. In early 2008 I stopped this blog because I got a job with a major-giant corporation doing high-visibility HR stuff, and well, I figured my opinions wouldn't jibe with the corporate mind-set. I was right. I also learned that the culture within the division of this major-giant corporation was dysfunctional, racist, sexist, abusive to young people, and didn't pay very well.

So then in 2008 I started a blog called the Smirking Moose, if I say so myself, it was freaking brilliant. But it was a lot of work. My readership was down because I was too lazy to promote, and well, frankly it paid less (alot less) than the gig with the major-giant corporation with the name that sort of sounds like Kodiak but with less letters.

Then Egypt happened. All of my traveling experience and years hacking around the early part of the digital media world came crashing down in this one little revolution. I started posting (some say obsessively) about it on Facebook. But Facebook is really just a place to hook up with people who mostly ignored you in high school and for posting things like "I'm having a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and I can't decide if I should have a pickle. Your thoughts?" So the Egypt stuff was a little heavy for Facebook. I keep typing 'Facebook' because if it appears enough here, I might hit high on a Google search if someone might be Googling 'Facebook.'

My blog posts are usually way shorter than this because my attention span is somewhat less that your's is, but I needed to get this all out in the open. Now back to our coverage of the Egyptian thing...

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