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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

If I Called 911 Every Time Somebody's Stupid Behavior Offended Me I'd Never Get Off the Phone

Last weekend a guy was shopping at a flea market in Wallingford, CT when he came across a vendor selling Nazi memorabilia and Confederate flags. Shocked to the point of upchucking, he did the only rational thing to do in America today - he called the police. Via 911. Because to this gentle flower, his offendedness was indeed an emergency.

I have excerpted the story from the Wallingford Record Journal so we can take a closer look at this American tragedy.
An officer responded to the Redwood Flea Market on South Turnpike Road Sunday to investigate the report and found Nazi and Confederate memorabilia for sale. He told the complainant, who is Jewish, there was nothing police could do because the merchandise was on private property. 
The police officer was partially correct, as of today there is no law against selling historical artifacts, whether they may be offensive to some or not.
“There was a table set up with this material,” Wallingford Police Chief William Wright said. “It’s not criminally illegal, but obviously it offended this person. It causes some people a sense of being uncomfortable. Certainly the owner could preclude this merchandise.”
Certainly the Chief of Police should realize that every single human being on the planet does not have to succumb to one person's offense. When do we stop outlawing things that offend some of us?
“I was shaking and almost vomiting,” he said. “I had to run. My grandmother had numbers,” [the offended guy who needed police intervention for his outrage] said, referring to the Nazi system of tattooing numbers on prisoners.
Let's assume his grandmother was just a young girl when she was held captive by the Nazis as late as 1945. That would put the offended anywhere between 55 and 35 years old, give or take. So my question is, how did this gentle flower get so far in life having never been confronted by symbols of hate and depravity? There is no doubt in any sane person's mind that there is nothing even remotely palatable about Nazi Germany, but I can't take anyone seriously who can't deal with the reality of history. In fact, that person is as dangerous as a Nazi because his fragility and need for government protection opens us all up to the very same censorship and fascism that he so very much claims to despise.

Many nattering nabobs of nincompoopery have been nattering on about the Confederate flag as of late, and in fact they have succeeded in making a flag completely responsible for the heinous act of a depraved fool in Charleston, SC. The flag is gone, but the root cause of Dylan Root's insanity has been allowed to escape unexamined. This is how we do things in America today: Forget the root cause, go for the easy fix.
“It’s not the first time I’ve heard of this,” said Joshua Sayles, assistant [to the] regional director of the Anti-Defamation League in Connecticut. “It’s unfortunate that under the law people have the right to sell these things; but it doesn’t mean they should sell these things. It’s not a crime but I would call it hate. People look at the situation in Charleston and say it’s down in the South. But this stuff is here in Connecticut.”
Mr. Sayles is a bit of a moron, but he is a sincere moron. He doesn't think you should be allowed to do something that offends someone else. Who exactly the hell is Joshua Sayles to
You can't legislate the hearts of people, but you can be strong enough as an
individual to reject the hate in their hearts without succumbing to
more government control.
pass judgment on anything anybody does that does not cause physical harm to anyone? Personally, I think it's unfortunate that people like Mr. Sayles are allowed to gum up society with their inability to not stick their noses in other people's business.

Not one of you was dyspeptic about the Confederate flag until you were told it was the root cause of racist evil in the world. If Mr. Sayles' solution is to ban the sale of things that people find offensive, he should think long and hard about what happens when he offends someone.

I have no intention whatsoever of making light of the anonymous and offended 911 caller's spiritual pain at the memory of his family's encounter with Nazism.

I have no intention whatsoever of making light of the pain the Confederate flag legitimately causes people who have suffered the barbs and stings of racism. On a personal note, if the Confederate flag, which means something to me that has nothing to do with racism, offends someone because of racism, then my respect and love for people supersedes my desire to be a long-haired Southern rock "rebel," so I reject the flag out of that respect. But we all need to remember that the Confederate flag began flying over the Statehouse in South Carolina as a Democrat party repudiation of the movement toward Civil Rights for blacks in America.

We need to get a grip. A Jewish man who instantly, and mindlessly, insists that the government and its police need to act simply because he has suffered psychic pain and is offended by something, needs to think long and hard about the political fervor stirred up by the National Socialists (Nazis) in Germany in the 1920s.

If he is using his brain he may just come to the conclusion that having the government intercede in every aspect of his life, including whether or not he is offended by someone else's property, is the very same mindset that gave the National Socialists (Nazis) their power.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Gun Control: First We Teach Our Inept Bureau of Land Management Agents Not To Keep Their Guns In Plain View On the Front Seats of Their Cars

Dear Nancy Pelosi, bless her extremely tight and botoxed heart. The Queen of Rhetoric has used another senseless tragedy to politicize her world-view that all people should be stripped of their rights. This makes you anti-gun, pro-government-control types arch your back and applaud approvingly as you tut-tut those of us who see things differently. But you're all just kind of dumb.

Last week, Nancy (D-CA), who has been voted The World's Dumbest Person In the World three times by this blog, had this to say about the murder of Kathryn Steinle on San Francisco's Pier 14:

"Last week, in San Francisco, our city suffered our own senseless act of violence with the killing of
Nancy Pelosi is seizing on a Federal officer's irresponsibility
and laziness to punish everyone but Democrats for something
only the Federal officer could have prevented in the first
Kathryn Steinle, and our thoughts and prayers are very much with her family. Today, we must do more as a nation to prevent dangerous people from getting easy access to guns. And Congress has a moral responsibility to act. What is so unclear?"

Forget San Francisco's insane, and illegal, status as a "sanctuary city."

Forget, for a second, the immigration status of the depraved murderer who shot Steinle.

Let's use our brains and ponder this:

If we're concerned about gun control, how about putting some blame on the reckless and inept Bureau of Land Management agent (Federal agency) who left his gun unprotected so it was able to be stolen from his car on? Didn't hear much about that now didja? Here's the story.

Stop the political madness about gun control. How about we train our Federal agents to not be so stupid? It's not a cure, but in this case it might have helped.

Monday, July 6, 2015

As Long As the Police Don't Use Their Force On Me, I Have No Problem With the Police Using Their Force On You. Until Of Course, They Use It On Me.

First of all, let me say this so we're all clear here: I do not begrudge a police officer being able to protect him or herself in the line of duty. I generally have a great deal of respect for police officers, except for when they over-assert their authority. But most important, if the police in my little New Jersey town read this, please do not arrest me or pull me over every time you see me tooling around our little town at a questionable rate of speed.

Now that we've got that business out of the way...

I went to our little town's Memorial Day parade this year, like I go every year. It's a nice parade. People wave flags. They applaud our veterans as they march the colors down the street. Little brats in Girl Scout and Boy Scout uniforms throw candy at me which annoys me to no end - listen kids its a Memorial Day parade not Mardi Gras, stop throwing candy at me.

The marching bands from our two high schools march by and sound great. There's fire trucks and old cars, and for the past two years a new twist...

Armored assault vehicles dressed up as police cars.

This leaves me chilled to the core.

I asked around and got some reasons why the coppers in my town need three (that's right...three) armored assault vehicles in a town of 56,000 people spread out over 100 square miles.

Five Reasons Given Me Why Cops Need Armored Assault Vehicles
  • There might be a hostage situation
  • There might be a terrorist situation
  • Someone might get lost in the woods
  • There are a lot of crazy people out there
  • We got them for free so why turn them down?
I found these answers unsatisfying, but, what if they were all valid reasons? Why the need to parade them down the street unless the police were interested in showing the citizenry what kind of force could be used against them if necessary?

One Reason Given Me Why Cops Need To Parade Their Assault Vehicles Before the Citizenry
  • Well, you know, the guys are really proud of them and want to show them off

There are lots of things guys are proud off, but generally people are less than happy to be showed off to, and in some cases showing off things you are proud of can in fact get you arrested. Presumably not by a cop in an armored assault vehicle.

I like cops. I think they are necessary. I also think they should not be overly powerful, just like I think the government shouldn't be overly powerful. Of course, our police need to be protected as they do their jobs, and of course I (and everyone else) want them to have the proper tools to do their job.

However, three armored assault vehicles for a police force with 82 officers seems hard to justify.

Here's some crime statistics for all of you out there who firmly believe the police should be militarized and armed to the teeth. Because I am very parochial, I took the statistics for my town (the one with the three armored vehicles); feel free to look up the stats for your own town, but I'm not going to do it for you.

  • 35 violent crimes per year average
  • Crime Index is 69, meaning it is safer than 69% of all other US communities
  • .63 violent crimes per 1000 residents
  • NJ average is 2.88 violent crimes per 1000 residents
  • US median is 3.8 violent crimes per 1000 resident
This means, in Jackson, NJ, you have a 1 in 1601 chance of being the victim of a violent crime, while in the rest of New Jersey you have a 1 in 347 chance. Stats from Neighborhood Scout.

Yet, we have three armored vehicles we show off in a parade honoring the veterans who sacrificed to allow those statistics to happen.

I don't know about you, but regardless of race, I see an awful lot heavy-handed show of force by police in this country, and in spite of the jobs they do to make our communities livable, I am not prepared to give them a free pass to militarize as deeply as they want to without voicing an opposite opinion. There is no need for the police in my town to be a para-military organization, and even though I am a little scared of getting an excessive amount of speeding tickets from the locals, I have no desire to avoid pointing that out.

I don't have any pictures of the Humvee's proudly paraded before the citizenry in my little town, but here's a few examples of militarized police vehicles that may cruise around waiting to be able to go into action in a town near you:

Name me five instances where a vehicle like this would be appropriate in your town.
If the words "Prepare For Combat" don't leave you feeling uneasy, you need
to get out of the house more.
Ooops. How did this picture of a North Korean military parade get in here?
North Korea is singular in its oppression of people throughout history, no?
Ooops. How did this Soviet-era picture of military force on parade get here?
Damned intern.
Last but not least, you can always trust your government.
Until you can't.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Picking Up Where I Left Off - I Explain Why the MSM Is The Culprit

Please join me in welcoming myself back to the Blogosphere!

For the past 21 months I have been recharging my political and sociological batteries by not writing about all of the things I see wrong with the world.

However, during this time an interesting thing happened: Libertarianism joined the mainstream. It's 
Let's hope being on the side of personal freedom is a fad
 that lasts longer than hipster beards and vinyl.

now hip to be a libertarian. This scares me because you have to make a conscious decision of consistency to actually be a one, and I'm not sure most people are ready to do that, but that's a topic for another day. Right now, let's rejoice that it's hip to let other people live how they want and hope for a government that isn't all up in your hipster beard every five minutes.

There is one group however that has been slow to embrace this movement toward individualism: the Main Stream Media (MSM).

You can tell this is true because the MSM still touts Hillary and Jeb as frontrunners for 2016. Meanwhile Rand Paul - this generation's Ronald Reagan - steadily chips away at the barriers the GOP and Democrat parties have erected between ourselves and our government with nary a corporate media mention. Bear in mind that the MSM's brief flirtation with Chris Christie is because 1) they are waiting for him to say something outlandish so they can be the first to report it, and b) the MSM is condescending.

Also bear in mind that the MSM's brief flirtation with Donald Trump is because he is A) a megalomaniac with bad hair, and 2) he can't help but say outlandish and foolish things.

But back to libertarians becoming mainstream. Here's the deal: America is a libertarian country. Even people who self-identify as liberals are libertarians at least when it comes to social issues, while most people on the right can be considered somewhat libertarian, at least when it comes to the size of
This is me, your faithful
libertarian blogger. I see
what's going and I'm not
government. We've got a long way to go to return this country to any semblance of a "free country" and this is distressing to me, but we've got to start somewhere. To all of you GOPers out there, the next time a party loyalist tells you you are wasting your vote by voting for a third party candidate, tell them you're tired of wasting your votes on party hacks who are nothing but Democrats with blue blazers and red ties.

It's enough already with the propaganda - we need to become individuals again.

We have a real opportunity in 2016 to take back our country from the fools and thieves who are currently running it, but only if we vote with our true hearts and not with our media-addled minds. We have become overly affected by the mass media in this country but social media is changing that. A guy like Rand Paul is never going to get any attention in the MSM because he is too different for their little minds to handle, but through alternative channels, his message that obviously resonates with real people can be heard. We are taught to think by all quarters of the MSM in sound bites that are spoon fed to us by people with agendas and this is extremely dangerous - and its our fault.

For your consideration, here's a handy pictorial guide to the four presidential candidates you've heard the most about this week:

This picture proves it for once and for all - there is NO DIFFERENCE between
Jeb and Hillary. By logical extrapolation, if you hate Hillary you can't love Jeb,
and if you hate Jeb you can't love Hillary.
That this country takes this guy even minutely seriously is embarrassing.
If you want a businessman in the White House (you should) call Steve Forbes
and let's get this done right.
Put some effort in America, and vote not with what you think is better for everyone else, vote for what is better for you and the children who will inherit your country (and your life choices).

I'm trying to be a gentler, kinder, political blogger, but I think a little self-awareness is called for when you're running for president.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Obama Forgets How Unions Work. He May Be As Dumb As He Thinks You Are.

Proving that he simply does not understand anything about "working" and "labor" and the unions he so lovingly slurps up to, Your Favorite President of the Entire History of the World had this to say to a group of working schlubs in Rockville, MD, today while attempting to chastise the House for holding fast on its refusal to hand over my healthcare to a bunch of idiot bureaucrats:

"Everybody here just does their job, right?  If you're working here and in the middle of the day you just stopped and said 'you know what, I want to get something, but I don't know exactly what I'm gonna get.  I'm just going to stop working till I get something - I'm just going to shut down the whole plant until I get something' - You'd get fired, right?
Cuz the deal is, you've already gotten hired.  You've got a job. You're getting a paycheck. ..And so you also are getting the pride of doing a good job, and contributing to a business, and looking out for your fellow workers.  That's what you're getting.  It shouldn't be any different for a member of Congress."

Apparently, even though Obama would not exist without Big Labor, our President has not been enlightened to the power labor unions have over the very essence of every day American life.

Let me explain unions to Barack Obama:
  • Teachers pissed off? They shut the schools down.
  • Transit workers unhappy? They shut mass transit down. 
  • Garbage collectors raising a stink? Garbage piles up in front of your house.
  • Auto makers not happy with making scads of money for producing sub-standard products? They shut the plant down.
I am gobsmacked at how stupid this president thinks you are, and I am overwhelmed with sadness for my country's future that the morons he was speaking to actually cheered him.

Here, watch the video and get as annoyed, and amused, as I am:

Friday, September 13, 2013

My Goal In Life Is To Be the Second Metronome In the Row On the Right.

Massive herds of animals like wildebeests and gazelles all move in unison almost instantaneously and certainly simultaneously, because of a synchronistic, inherent, intuition of what is best for the herd, and presumably what is best for the individual within the herd. Except when the herd instinctively throws itself over a cliff en masse. Then, not so much.

In the video below, 32 metronomes are placed on a movable table and then started asynchronously. In scientific terms, they are discordant, or out of rhythm with each other. The movable surface they're on eventually couples their energy so that all the metronomes become synched with each other. In physics, and the universe, this concordance among movable objects is the natural order – except for the problem of entropy.

According to Merriam-Webster:
Entropy 2a :  the degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity 

Inert uniformity. In human terms – if you actually believe humans are of a higher divine or evolutionary order than wildebeests – inert uniformity is not a good thing. Think back to that herd of furry critters throwing themselves over a cliff to escape a singular lion.

When you watch the video below, think of yourself as a metronome, and then think of the movable surface as society. Are you going to give in and fall in line with everyone else, or are you going to be the second metronome in the row on the far right and fight to keep your singularly-unique-in-the-universe individuality intact for as long as you can?

As a libertarian, I believe in the power, will, and freedom, of the second metronome in the row on the far right.

Notice how the guys running the experiment (the government) had to shake up the movable table (society) to get the last individual to fall into lock step.

At 2:35, the last metronome to fight for his own uniqueness finally succumbs to the crowd. A metaphor for our lives I suppose, but think how smug he was when the other metronomes finally realized they were doomed to a life of inert uniformity. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

An Open Letter to Truthers and Other Assorted Conspiracy Crackpots

Dear Conspiracy Theory Nuts,

 Just like contrails in the sky are not, I repeat, are not, chemicals being sprayed by the government to give us all auto-immune diseases, 9/11 was not a government plan to either a) save Larry Silverstein tons of money, or b) give George Bush a good excuse to invade Iraq.

 How do I know this? Two words: Edward Snowden. The government is filled with people. Most of them are toadies and lackeys just hanging about until they can collect their pensions, but some of them, (and this is where your conspiracy theories fall apart), have souls and consciences. Therefore, it is not possible for such a large-scale governmental act of war against its own citizens to have taken place without someone, somewhere, saying something.

 This is how I know there are no Martians at Area 51, no Rothschild Banking Conspiracy, and how I know the CIA did not knock off JFK.

 When we run around spouting silly conspiracy claims and acting like paranoid pseudo-intellectual 1960s drop-outs without actually thinking, we disgrace the lives of the people we lost on 9/11.

 Hate me if you want, but I'm right, and you know it. Having to watch every nutcase conspiracy theory get trotted out every September is infuriating, and makes the already tough job of commemorating our own personal losses that day even harder